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“I am eagerly anticipating the possibility of being a part of the upcoming NBA season, as the league returns to its 2005 format,” expressed 38-year-old LeBron James during a conversation with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver in Las Vegas.

LeBron James has stated his desire to become the owner of an NBA team in Las Vegas on numerous occasions. The four-time NBA champion has already demonstrated his business acumen. It is evident that he is truly a dominant force in all areas he pursues.

Since 2005, Adam Silver has been hinting at this idea. However, his hints were more subtle compared to LeBron’s direct statement.

LeBron James has expressed his desire to Adam Silver once again.

LeBron James recently tweeted that the expansion in Vegas is inevitable and expressed his desire to be a part of it.


The star player for the Lakers believes that Las Vegas is the ideal location for the next stage of the NBA. And there are valid reasons for this. When speaking with ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, the Lakers’ coach stated, “The innate, energetic atmosphere of this city perfectly aligns with the caliber of sports that are being considered for placement here.”

If that’s not a sufficient justification, what is?

There are other individuals besides LBJ who are interested in having a team in Vegas.

Another person has been competing for ownership of the NBA team in Las Vegas for much longer than King James. Michael Jordan, also known as His Airness, had stated his desire to own an NBA franchise in Vegas 17 years before the King.

After selling the $3 billion Hornets, Michael Jordan continues to distance himself from LeBron James in terms of his extravagant net worth.

During an interview with Marvin Shanken from Cigar Aficionado, the Black Cat expressed his desire to own a franchise in Las Vegas. He acknowledged that many others would also find the opportunity economically appealing. The city’s reputation and potential for success make it an attractive location for potential owners and investors, not just Michael Jordan. However, it is uncertain whether this will become a reality.

Well, he couldn’t have known it then, but he certainly knows it now. With LeBron’s possible retirement hanging in the air, the star’s obvious interest in owning an NBA team in Vegas seems to be the last step towards its fruition. The Sin City is known for its highly expensive attractions and ultra-lavish lifestyle. So, it’s common sense that the usual funding NBA metes out won’t be enough (and it’s huge!). In such a scenario, Jordan and LeBron would be perfect candidates to fill that void.

After rejecting LeBron James, Luka Doncic is now being recognized for his loyalty with a $150,000,000 partnership with Michael Jordan’s Nascar team.

The decision now rests in the hands of Adam Silver. Can we expect to see a NBA team in Las Vegas next year?

LeBron James, 38 years old, expresses hope to be included in future NBA plans during a conversation with Adam Silver at Las Vegas event.