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In November, a national survey will be conducted by China to gather data on changes in population.

– China national economic census

The National Bureau of Statistics will carry out a census of the national economy. nationwide sample survey in November  and track tasks

to assist in more effectively organizing and monitoring tasks population 

Government officials are facing an unexpected challenge as they try to increase the declining birth rate in the country.

Concerned about China

Due to China’s recent decline in population for the first time in 60 years and its quickly aging population, Beijing is implementing various tactics to increase the country’s birth rate, such as offering financial incentives and improving childcare options.

The survey‘s scope on population changes 

According to reports from state media on Tuesday, the focus will be on both urban and rural areas across the country.

the implementation of the strategy and its progress

The plan aims to effectively and promptly track the execution and advancement of the strategy. China‘s population developmental changes  reform and opening up plans

This will establish a foundation for the Communist Party and the government to create plans for national economic development, social progress, and reform and opening up. population 

“The bureau stated that it pertains to relevant policies.”

China  census

The most recent census, held in November 2020, revealed that the country’s growth rate was the lowest it has been since the first modern census. population survey in the 1950s. The number of people who will be survey

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The survey 

The event will occur on November 1st by a government. survey

The agency will visit the residence.hold

Collecting data can be done by either directly obtaining it or by requesting respondents to complete online questionnaires.


The media in the country often ties development to the country’s strength and “rejuvenation”, especially with the declining birth rate and concerns from citizens about the challenges of raising children.

The steep expenses of childcare and the need to give up their professions have discouraged numerous women from having additional children or having any at all. The prevalence of gender discrimination and traditional beliefs of women being responsible for child-rearing continue to persist in the country. While there has been an increase in discussions about sharing the responsibility of raising children, paternity leave remains restricted in the majority of provinces.

population of 15,000,000

The population of the country decreased by approximately 850,000 individuals, resulting in a total population of 15,000,000. population  the

In 2022, the total number is expected to decrease to 1.41175 billion, which would be the first decrease since 1961. China

The catastrophic famine known as the Great Famine.