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Francis Ngannou expresses gratitude to Cristiano Ronaldo, calling him his brother, for the generous gift of $117,000 from the Al Nassr Star.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Francis Ngannou are working towards building a strong friendship. Ronaldo, who has been a vocal supporter of Ngannou’s upcoming fight with Tyson Fury in Riyadh, recently showed even more appreciation for his new friend by gifting him a valuable item worth $117,000. This act has greatly impressed the MMA fighter.

The country of Saudi Arabia is eagerly anticipating the 2023 Riyadh Season, a yearly celebration featuring a variety of activities ranging from sports competitions to cultural performances. Additionally, Cristiano Ronaldo has been bestowed with a significant position and duty for the occasion.

Cristiano Ronaldo has given a present to Francis Ngannou before Tyson Fury’s upcoming confrontation.

The chairman of Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority (GEA), Turki Alalshikh, has appointed Cristiano Ronaldo as an ambassador. Alalshikh is leading the organization of the upcoming Riyadh Season, set to begin on October 28th. In anticipation of the launch, Ronaldo has gifted his friend Francis Ngannou with a unique designer item.

Ronaldo sent a $117,000 watch designed by the popular jeweler and wristwatch designer brand Jacob and Co. Ngannou loved the gift as he took to Instagram to share his feelings and appreciation, as he wrote, “Thank you @jacobandco & my brother @cristiano for the amazing gift ahead of fight week! #FuryNgannou”.

Francis Ngannou shared a video on Instagram of himself visiting Jacob and Co. In the video, he receives a box with the name Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) engraved on it. He looks ecstatic as he tries on the watch and admires it.

The actions of Cristiano Ronaldo are not typical of him, according to the analyst who criticizes his performance as “embarrassing” while playing for Al Nassr despite his heroic efforts for Portugal.

Given the immense weight of his duties, Cristiano Ronaldo will be occupied for the next few weeks. The Portuguese forward currently has two obligations to fulfill, including his role in promoting the upcoming Riyad Season launch event that will showcase Ngannou.

Ronaldo promotes “The Battle of the Baddest”

Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t contain his excitement about the upcoming epic showdown. He took to his Instagram story to share a post from Turki Alalshikh. The post featured Tyson Fury, Turki, and Francis Ngannou, posing for the event titled “The Battle of the Baddest,” generating significant anticipation among fans.

Tyson Fury, Francis Ngannou

Tyson Fury, the reigning heavyweight champion since 2020, is all set to defend his title. With a flawless record of never losing a match in his 34-fight career, Fury’s last impressive victory came in December 2022 when he knocked out Derek Chisora in the 10th round. As the event’s excitement continues to build, Cristiano Ronaldo’s appointment as an Ambassador by Saudi Arabia further underscores the nation’s commitment to enhancing its entertainment industry.

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Saudi Arabia, under the leadership of Turki Alalshikh, is on the cusp of the ‘Riyadh Season,’ beginning on October 28, with the event’s slogan being “Big Time.” This move signifies Saudi Arabia’s proactive promotion of its entertainment industry while showcasing diverse cultural and entertainment activities within the Kingdom. Events as such are used to draw audiences both nationally and internationally.

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