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After one year of criticizing Tom Brady, Kelsey Plum continues to mock the Aces minority owner for their $14 million donation, despite receiving a $1.5 million gift. She expresses her frustration, saying “It’s finally happening.”

The 2023 WNBA season has been full of excitement as it comes to a close. Fans have had plenty to celebrate, from Sabrina Ionescu’s record-breaking performance in the NBA 3-point contest during All-Star week to the announcement of a new team in the Bay Area. However, there have also been some disappointments, such as 42-year-old Diana Taurasi and the Phoenix Mercury not making it to the knockout rounds.

The WNBA season, which consisted of 40 games, was incredibly exciting. The NY Liberty and the Las Vegas Aces, who were also the finalists of the Commissioner’s Cup earlier this year, provided great entertainment for a sold-out crowd. These were the only two teams to win 30 or more games this season. While the NY Liberty won the Commissioner’s Cup, the Aces have already won game 1 of the WNBA Finals. Both teams are competing for the championship title. Kelsey Plum, guard for the Las Vegas Aces, spoke to the press after the game. She openly discussed minority owner Tom Brady and his decision to invest $14 million in the team.

Kelsey Plum openly discusses Tom Brady’s debut as Aces owner.

Tom Brady, a renowned NFL player, was present at the Michelob Ultra Arena last night for the start of the WNBA Finals. In the past year, Brady contributed $14 million to the Las Vegas Aces and made his debut as a minority owner. The Aces delivered an impressive performance against the NY Liberty during his first appearance as an owner.

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The reigning champions were in top form during the game and capitalized on playing on their own court. They defeated the Liberty with a final score of 99-82. Two-time WNBA All-Star Kelsey Plum shined as she made headlines with her impressive 26 points. She also shared her honest thoughts on Brady during the interview after the game.

When questioned about the ex-Patriots quarterback’s presence, the security guard quipped, “It’s about time you finally showed up.” She then added, “But what I appreciate about him is how nonchalant he was, like ‘You already know.'”


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Plum’s comment was in response to an interviewer’s question about what would make Brady “bark” on the big screen. This phrase refers to Plum imitating a dog and barking at the NFL star during a game last year.

The Aces’ guard yells at Brady.

Although Kelsey Plum’s remarks about Brady were highly amusing, her initial encounter with him a year ago was even more comical. This happened at a WNBA game between the Connecticut Suns and the Aces, where Brady was seated courtside with his family. Plum “barked” at him, which she later explained was to acknowledge his “dawg” persona.

Brady, who was in Las Vegas for his golf event with Aaron Rodgers, was unfazed by Kelsey’s behavior. He later gifted her a $1.5 million package, including a signed jersey and other items. Despite Plum’s ongoing teasing of her beloved athlete, Brady’s wealth could make a significant impact for the Aces as they strive for consecutive championship wins this season.

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Kelsey Plum continues to tease the minority owner of the Aces, who spent $14 million on Tom Brady, despite receiving a $1.5 million gift. “It’s about time,” she says, after a year of “barking” at Brady.