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“I previously mentioned that you are not well-liked” – Denny Hamlin finds motivation from his partner Michael Jordan’s least favorable characteristic as his hopes for winning the championship diminish.

Denny Hamlin, the individual who has a difficult connection with followers of NASCAR, has achieved the feat once more! On Saturday night at Bristol Motor Speedway, amidst the dazzling illumination, Hamlin secured his third triumph of the 2023 NASCAR campaign. While Hamlin revels in the triumph, a fascinating storyline emerges – his unconventional collaboration with the iconic Michael Jordan. That’s right, the basketball legend and the notorious antagonist of NASCAR are embarking on a journey together, shaping the future of 23XI Racing.

For the past three years, Hamlin and Michael Jordan have been leading the 23XI Racing team. Their goal? To create a racing empire that could compete with Jordan’s iconic basketball career. However, as colleagues, there is always room for them to learn from each other’s expertise. In a recent podcast called ‘Actions Detrimental,’ Denny Hamlin, joined by co-host Jared Allen, openly discussed his personal views on engaging with fans.

Hamlin’s unconventional method of interacting with supporters

Hamlin stated that his main objective is not simply to acquire a larger fan base, but instead to participate in lively exchanges that he truly relishes. Denny Hamlin shared that, whether it be through his basketball or golf leagues, he thrives on playful banter, finding it enjoyable and mentally stimulating, which ultimately motivates him and drives personal growth. When did this mindset begin? Hamlin himself disclosed the answer.

The driver for JGR expressed their enjoyment with the situation, saying that it all began with the incident involving Kyle Larson at Pocono. However, it has now become its own entity and they are simply enjoying the ride.

He also said, “I hope we can continue this success because when someone is supporting you, they are always looking for a reason to criticize and say ‘I told you so’ if you have one bad week.”


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Hamlin draws motivation from an unexpected source: his colleague and iconic NBA player, Michael Jordan. Hamlin has been fortunate enough to witness a different aspect of Jordan’s personality. Known for his notorious trash-talking in the NBA, Jordan’s determination and drive on the basketball court were unmatched.

“View this article: Bubba Wallace given 5-word ultimatum by NASCAR team employee shortly before approval from billionaire Michael Jordan.”

“Check out this article: Bubba Wallace receives a five-word ultimatum from a NASCAR team member just before getting approval from billionaire Michael Jordan.”

However, according to John Starks, a former member of the Knicks team who competed against Jordan, the basketball court was where Jordan’s silence held great significance.

Key takeaways from the trash-talking icon Michael Jordan.

During the 1990s, Starks reminisced about the fierce competition between the Chicago Bulls and the New York Knicks, where he and Jordan frequently clashed. Despite Jordan’s reputation for trash-talking, it wasn’t as evident on the court as it was outside of it.

Starks revealed, “There is always talk about Michael being a trash talker, but he was actually very focused on the court. He took his job seriously.”

“Myself and him did not engage in any intense verbal arguments because I am aware that as a player, provoking him would only fuel his intensity. He was already focused on the game, but if you provoke him, he will elevate his performance even further.”

In this story of two rivals, Hamlin discovers that he shares the same confident demeanor as Jordan. Despite receiving negative reactions from the crowd, he takes inspiration from his teammate’s teachings. Like Jordan, he concentrates on his task and allows his actions to speak for themselves.

Please bring me the money – Bubba Wallace talks about achieving a major milestone with Michael Jordan’s team.

In a society where the distinction between good and bad becomes less clear as circumstances change, the collaboration between Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan demonstrates the lasting impact of sportsmanship, competition, and the mysterious magnetism of a quiet confidence that defines a legendary figure.

Denny Hamlin is using Michael Jordan’s most disliked personality trait as inspiration, despite his fading hopes for a championship. He posted, “I Told You, You S*k” on EssentiallySports.