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Travis Kelce discusses life post-Taylor Swift and ex-girlfriend’s complaint about paparazzi outside his house.

Currently, the news of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s potential romance is a hot topic during the 2023 NFL season. Rumors began to circulate when the Grammy-winning artist was seen supporting the Kansas City Chiefs tight end at Arrowhead Stadium last Sunday. The speculation intensified when they were spotted leaving the stadium together in Kelce’s car.

According to sources, the pair were seen together at a private party in Kansas City’s Prime Social and pictures of Taylor hugging Kelce at the event circulated online, fueling the rumors. Despite the speculation surrounding their relationship, both Kelce and Swift have chosen not to comment. However, Kelce is aware of the attention brought on by the gossip.

The tight end has been brought back into the spotlight.

Travis Kelce’s life has drastically changed since the rumors of him dating a pop singer emerged. He is now thrust into the limelight like never before.

Kelce mentioned on the recent episode of ‘New Heights’ podcast that he has observed certain occurrences, such as paparazzi outside his residence. He also noted that all of them have British accents or some other European accent.

The tight end has had a busy week, but he wants to keep things private at the moment. Despite ongoing speculation, fans of Taylor Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs are eagerly looking for signs of their relationship. However, not everyone is happy about this possible partnership, and Kelce’s former girlfriend, Maya Benberry, has expressed her disapproval openly.

Kelce’s former partner has brought an issue to attention.

Maya Benberry, an Instagram influencer and model, has become the center of attention as rumors swirl about the new relationship between Kelce and Swift. Benberry strongly disapproves of their budding romance, especially given her own history with Kelce. The two briefly dated in 2016 after meeting on the dating reality show “Catching Kelce,” where Benberry emerged as the winner. However, their relationship only lasted six months before ending. Benberry later claimed that Kelce had cheated on her with on-air host Kayla Nicole while they were together.

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During a recent interview with Daily Mail, she stated, “If someone cheats once, they will always be a cheater.” She also expressed her well wishes for Taylor, describing her as a lively girl with a lovely soul. However, as a supporter of women, she advised Taylor to be cautious. Benberry added, “I’m sure she has learned to distinguish between those who genuinely care for her and those who are only using her.”

The former significant other adding to the “romantic tale” only made things more unpleasant. However, a source from the NFL has stated that Swift may possibly perform at an upcoming Chiefs game. It seems that neither party is bothered by this.

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Travis Kelce recently shared his thoughts on life after his relationship with Taylor Swift, as his ex-girlfriend dealt with paparazzi outside his home. This was reported by EssentiallySports.