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Trudeau denounces the promotion of violence in demonstrations following Hamas’ attack on Israel.

 – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau  Hamas

On Monday, Canadian officials and authorities denounced the demonstrations across Canada that expressed support for the Palestinian militant group, Hamas, as they believed it glorified violence.  Hamas‘ attack on Israel.

I denounce the current and ongoing protests happening nationwide in support of Hamas‘ attacks on Israel,” Mr. Trudeau

Stated in a message on X, which was previously known as Twitter.

He stated that glorifying violence is never acceptable in Canada.


participated in a unity event for Israel 

On Monday evening, there was a strong criticism given. Hamas

There has been an assault mentioned in his speech. Various political officials in Canada have shown their backing for this action, regardless of their political beliefs. Israel.


When questioned about differentiating between demonstrators who support Palestine and those who support Israel, he responded with… Hamas

His office refused to make a statement.

On Monday, there were various demonstrations and rallies happening in different parts of Canada. One of these took place in Toronto, where around 1,000 individuals participated in a protest organized by a group named Palestinian Youth Movement.

the Proud Boys as a terrorist entity.

Mayor Olivia Chow of Toronto condemned the protests taking place in the city, stating that they were not authorized. She also expressed that the Canadian government’s decision to label the Proud Boys as a terrorist group was justified. Hamas 

designated as a terrorist group.”

Deputy Chief Lauren Pouge of the Toronto Police stated that the police uphold the freedom of speech, but strongly condemn hate speech and any speech that promotes violence.

people are not welcome in our province”

The premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, stated that “hate rallies that glorify the abduction and murder of innocent individuals are not accepted in our province.” Israel

The actions of terrorists targeting innocent people are deplorable and revolting.

Hamas  the enemy

Initiated a surprise offensive against the opposing forces. Israel  people

Hundreds of individuals were killed on Saturday. Israel

Capturing many hostages. Israel 7.6 magnitude earthquake

Several television stations reported that the number of fatalities resulting from the 7.6 magnitude earthquake is… Hamas 

The number of people affected by the attack has risen to 900, and there are at least 2,600 reported injuries.


Afterward, the Palestinians in Gaza were relentlessly attacked with airstrikes. According to Gaza’s Health Ministry, a total of 687 Palestinians have lost their lives and 3,726 have been injured. Israel

There have been air strikes targeting the besieged enclave since Saturday.


46-year-old Palestinian-Canadian woman, Mona Ayesh, who participated in the Toronto protest, denounced the acts of aggression. Israeli occupation of West Bank and noted Gazans have lived under an Israel 2002

I have been in charge of a blockade for a period of 16 years, starting from 2002. Hamas 

Took over the land in 2007.

“The illegal Israel

She informed Reuters that in order for the violence to stop, her job must come to an end.