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Experience luxury travel with the New Nissan Patrol, no matter your destination.

Have you ever tried first-class land travel, similar to a first-class flight or cruise experience?

Luxury travel is not limited to enjoying a celebrity limousine or high-end sedan.

The New Nissan Patrol offers a luxurious and comfortable experience for hardworking professionals and executives, whether they are driving or riding as passengers.

Crafted with an advanced range of comfort and safety features, the Nissan Patrol offers its passengers “hassle-free and pleasurable rides.”

The distinctive characteristics are immediately apparent, showcased by the iconic V-Shaped Front Grille of the Patrol which exudes a powerful presence on the streets. However, the new model offers more than just its contemporary appearance.

Several impressive features of the Patrol are visible within the vehicle itself. The dashboard and center console are adorned with high-quality materials such as black wood veneer and fine leather, giving them a premium appearance. The dashboard also boasts a 12.3” Advanced Touchscreen Display Audio, providing easy access to a range of top-of-the-line technology features. This includes Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing for seamless integration of your smartphone’s music, apps, and messaging while enjoying a luxurious ride. Additionally, the Patrol is equipped with a 13-Speaker BOSE Sound System, further enhancing the audio experience for both the driver and passengers.

and Position Memory Function for the

The space between the front seats contains a refrigerated box that opens in two directions and has a leather padded armrest. This adds to the enjoyment of passengers who can have a pleasant ride while sipping on drinks. The Patrol’s 8 leather seats give both the driver and passengers a sense of luxury and comfort. The driver’s seat has a 10-way power adjustable climate control with active head restraints and position memory function, including lumbar support. The other seats have a 4-way power adjustable climate control with active head restraints and position memory function. side

for the right side of the front passenger seat.

The New Nissan Patrol demonstrates the success of the brand’s six generations of SUV heritage through its top-notch appearance, functionality, safety features, and technology, catering to those with refined preferences.

Nissan Intelligent Mobility

The Patrol stands out with its integrated Nissan Intelligent Mobility capabilities. It leads the pack among full-size luxury SUVs with its cutting-edge driver-assist features, including Blind Spot Warning with Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention, Intelligent Cruise Control, and Intelligent Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection, and more.

The Intelligent Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection offers a 360° view of your vehicle and lets you switch between front, back, and curbside views. It also provides split-screen close-ups and alerts you when there are moving objects nearby.

The Blind Spot Warning will notify you both visually and audibly if it detects a car that is out of your line of sight, allowing your Patrol to avoid collisions. The Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention can also help by gently braking and guiding your Patrol back into your lane if it detects another vehicle in your blind spot while you are attempting to change lanes.

The Advanced Forward Collision Warning system keeps track of the vehicles two cars ahead while you are driving, and if it detects a sudden decrease in speed in front of you, it will give you a visual and audible warning to reduce your speed. In order to prevent a head-on collision or lessen the intensity of a crash, the Intelligent Emergency Braking system immediately engages the brakes.

The Lane Departure Warning system provides both visual and auditory alerts when the lane markings are visible, alerting you if your vehicle is drifting out of its lane. The Intelligent Lane Intervention feature gently applies the brakes to assist in steering your car back into the correct lane if it detects that you have unintentionally drifted out of it.

The Patrol also comes equipped with the Rear Cross Traffic Alert feature, which monitors the back of the vehicle and provides both visual and auditory warnings when it senses other vehicles approaching from the sides. Additionally, the Intelligent Cruise Control feature keeps an eye on traffic patterns to ensure a more seamless driving experience. It helps maintain a customizable speed and a safe distance from the car in front of you.


Additional safety measures on the SUV consist of Vehicle Dynamic Control with Anti-lock Brake Limited Slip Differential, which adjusts engine power and brakes to prevent skidding and loss of control in various driving situations. The Hydraulic Body Motion Control feature also maintains a smooth ride off-road by reducing body lean during cornering and absorbing road bumps.

Peerless performance

The Nissan Patrol offers a 7-speed automatic transmission that allows for seamless gear changes. This feature allows for easy access to the engine’s power and ensures smooth cruising at high speeds. The vehicle also has a Variable 4×4 Mode Select, which allows you to choose between four drive modes – Sand, On-Road, Snow, and Rock.

Equipped with a powerful 5.6L V8 DIG engine and VVEL technology, the Patrol boasts an impressive 405 PS and 560 Nm of torque. This allows for a smooth and quiet driving experience, providing a peaceful journey no matter where your travels may lead you.

In addition, owners can anticipate VIP ownership standards with each Nissan Patrol, as it comes with a superior five-year warranty that surpasses others in its class.

The latest Nissan Patrol offers a luxurious driving experience with its high-end SUV design, ensuring a safe, effortless, and enjoyable ride. It’s a popular choice among executives and CEOs who prioritize luxury, comfort, and convenience thanks to its advanced features for leisure and safety.

Visit the Nissan Patrol website or your local Nissan dealership for more information on how you can enjoy the next generation of luxury land travel.


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