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The state on the border of Mexico is facing expenses of almost $1 billion due to the ongoing “migrant crisis.”

Officials from a crucial Mexican border state reported on Tuesday that the sudden decrease in cargo trucks heading to the US has resulted in nearly $1 billion in expenses related to increased migration. Both Mexico and the US are facing challenges in managing this recent surge.

According to an official statement, the Chihuahua state government reported a loss of over $947 million in its trade-oriented economy from Sept. 18 to Oct. 2. The government attributed this decrease to a “migrant crisis” that hindered the regular movement of goods into the United States.

The state of Chihuahua shares borders with Texas and New Mexico, both of which have significant entry points that are vital for trade between the two neighboring countries.

On Monday, the government of Chihuahua reported that losses related to the incident amounted to approximately $77 million.

According to the statement, these effects result from the migrant situation brought about by the influx of numerous individuals (traveling through the state). The statement also condemned the Mexican federal government for not taking any measures to lessen the damages.

The governor of Chihuahua is from a center-right opposition party.

The decrease in profits is a result of the US government’s choice to heighten border inspections, resulting in trade disruptions.

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Similar to other American officials, the highest ranking diplomat from Mexico has also characterized the increasing influx of migrants as a crisis. a “crisis” situation.

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Last month, a cyberattack caused disruption for a major Mexican freight rail company and also affected cargo trains headed to the US. temporarily suspended 

Actions taken after migrants were injured or killed while attempting to board trains.

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According to a spokesperson for a transportation association in Ciudad Juarez, a city in Chihuahua on the Mexican border, approximately 8,000 trailers carrying goods worth an estimated $1 billion have been stuck on the Mexican side due to border disruptions in recent weeks.  

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