Monday, December 4, 2023


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According to state media, China expresses concern over spreading conflict in the Middle East.

BEIJING – China views the situation in Gaza as “very serious” with the risk of a large-scale ground conflict rising and the spread of armed conflicts along neighboring borders, Chinese state media said on Monday, citing the country’s Middle East special envoy.

Zhai Jun, the envoy currently traveling in the Middle East, expressed concern about the growing impact of conflict in the region and beyond. He noted that the tension along the Israeli-Lebanese and Israeli-Syrian borders has escalated, causing widespread effects and a worrisome future.

Zhai urged the international community to be extremely watchful and to promptly intervene, urging all involved parties to adhere strictly to international humanitarian law and prevent a major humanitarian crisis. He also emphasized the importance of working together to manage the situation.

According to China Central Television, Zhai expressed China’s willingness to take actions that will assist in facilitating communication, attaining a ceasefire and establishing peace, promoting the two-state solution, and finding a fair and lasting resolution to the conflict.

Zhai attributed the Israel-Gaza crisis to the absence of guarantees for Palestinian rights during his meeting with his Russian counterpart in Qatar, a mediator in the conflict.

Zhai stated that China will continue to engage in open communication with the global community, including Arab nations. The next step is to visit the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and other countries in the area to enhance collaboration in efforts to resolve the crisis.

Before his journey, Zhai had conversations over the phone with the top officials of the foreign ministries of the Palestinians, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Norway. He also spoke with the special representatives at the United Nations and European Union.

Zhai stated that China has given and will continue to give urgent humanitarian aid to Palestinians through the United Nations and through direct communication in order to ease their humanitarian situation. This information was reported by Reuters.