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The center-right party in France maintains control of the Senate, while the far-right party has gained 3 seats.

 – France’s centerright  French Parliament

The majority in the French Parliament was maintained by the Les Republicains (LR) party. Senate  National Front party won seats

Following the election on Sunday, three members of Marine Le Pen’s National Front party were elected as senators. farright party were elected.

1st group.

“The re-election of this senator strengthens the majority within the first group of senators.” right 

“The central location serves as a testament to its territorial origins,” stated Gerard Larcher, the head of Les Republicains and the president of the organization.  senate

The statement read.

The Senate  348 senators are chosen every three years by an electoral college

The senators are selected through an electoral college every three years, with France’s mayors and regional, departmental, and municipal councillors having an indirect role in the process. Half of the 348 senators are chosen in this manner. Senate‘s 348 seats were being contested.

2019 European Parliament elections

It was widely predicted that Le Pen’s Rassemblement National would achieve a significant gain in the 2019 European Parliament elections. Senate 

However, the value of three. wins was above expectations.

The election of farright 

The results of the Senate are often a delayed reflection of the success of Le Pen’s party in past local elections and may not accurately forecast her performance in future elections.

group is

The sole member of the group is French 

The Secretary of State for Citizenship, Sonia Backes, was unsuccessful in the government’s election bid. French territory of New Caledonia.

president holds significant executive power, appointing the prime minister and cabinet, and has the authority to dissolve the National Assembly.

During the Fifth Republic in France, the president wields significant power in the executive branch. This includes handpicking the prime minister and cabinet and having the ability to disband the National Assembly. Senate 

The National Assembly, the lower house of parliament, holds more power in creating laws than the Senate. If there is a difference in opinions regarding legislation, the Assembly has the final say.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s Renaissance party remains the biggest party in the lower house, but lost its majority in June last year, giving more weight to senators whenever a compromise is necessary with the upper house to pass legislation.

controlled by rival parties

Mr. Macron has faced difficulties in establishing his party’s presence at a local level, as most local authorities are under the control of opposing parties. control

Led by the historically dominant political forces of France, the conservative LR and the left-wing Socialist party, according to Reuters.