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Parqal, a world-renowned public space, contributes to the overall growth and significance of Aseana City.


DMW, a real estate company, has defined property developer D.M. Wenceslao and Associates,

Parqal, a “world-class public space” open to everyone, was recently inaugurated in Aseana City, located in Parañaque City.

ving into the concept of urban design

Combining the ideas of a park and a street, Parqal aims to enhance pedestrian access and movement, exploring the realm of urban design.fin Angelo C. Wenceslao, chief executive offi

“The launch event on Friday was attended by reporters, where the DMW cer provided updates,” said the DMW cer during an interview.

Currently, there is not much emphasis on modern urbanism, which views streets as the heart of the city, according to him. In our perspective, the most important elements of a city are its parks and streets.

“We aimed for this area to serve as the city’s green space, providing a lower density compared to other developments in the vicinity.”

The central feature of Parqal is a 4-hectare linear park designed for pedestrians, surrounded by retail stores.fices.

“We imagined this as the central hub of the entire city. Our goal is to provide services here that will cater to the needs of all Aseana City residents,” stated Mr. Wenceslao.

There is a series of open areas with canopies, situated between nine four-story buildings in Parqal, running from Diokno Boulevard to Macapagal Boulevard.

Mr. Wenceslao stated that approximately 60% of the property consists of an open space.

The first and second fl floors are used for residential purposes

The first two floors of the buildings are open for commercial use, while the third and fourth floors are designated for residential use.floors contain offi

These are available spaces for rent.

“We are dedicated to increasing the importance of Aseana City,” stated Mr. Wenceslao. “By constructing more housing and business developments, particularly as the nation recovers from the pandemic, there will be a greater need for such spaces.”

He stated that the main focus of the project is to create a “top-quality public space” that is open to everyone, allowing pedestrians to easily access both Roxas Boulevard and the Bay area.

“He mentioned that this is only a third of the entire Parqal area, and he anticipates further developments on the property in the future. The next two sections will cover Macapagal to Roxas and Diokno to Manila Bay.”

-office spaces are based on the first and second floors.

Parqal offers a majority of their office and retail spaces on the first and second

Mr. Wenceslao stated that the spaces are expected to be filled by December, along with the launch of its sports and wellness facilities.