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Major oil companies and large industrial companies are in talks to limit emissions before the 28th Conference of Parties (COP28).

 – Major oil  talks with oil and gas company executives

The leaders of the oil and gas industry met with executives from oil and gas companies. discussions with heavy industry  emissions

On Sunday, leaders in the United Arab Emirates convened in an attempt to come to an agreement on a concrete commitment to decrease carbon emissions. emissions ahead 

Next month, a summit on climate change hosted by the United Nations will take place.

The COP28 conference is set to occur in Dubai from November 30 to December 12.

Governments view this as a critical chance to speed up efforts in reducing global warming, as current reports indicate that countries are not on track to fulfill their commitments of capping the increase in global temperatures to 1.5 degrees Celsius.


Today, we have accomplished something that has never been done before in the COP proceedings. We have united both the demand and supply sides in regards to finding solutions. emissions,” Adnan Amin, COP28 

The CEO informed Reuters.

Amin stated that the goal was to achieve a significant outcome. industry 

Individuals who commit to reducing carbon emissions can contribute to the prevention of excessive global warming.

the end of the year.”

We aim to finalize this agreement by the end of the year. COP28 

and then to agree on the most suitable positioning for this at the COP.



tech industry.

The event assembled over 50 CEOs from the technology sector. oil 

The energy supply side includes the oil and gas sector, while the energy demand side consists of the aluminum, steel, and cement industries.


The gathering, organized by:  COP28  the state-run oil firm

The state-owned oil company released a statement that the meeting, presided over by President Sultan al-Jaber and attended by U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry, addressed topics such as the implementation of hydrogen as a commercial energy source, expanding the use of carbon capture technology, reducing methane emissions, and promoting renewable energy. COP28 said.

Jaber, the president of the conference in the United Arab Emirates, has stated that oil and gas industry  sector to reduce

It is essential to include in discussions about climate change. He has encouraged the energy industry to decrease its impact. industry to achieve net-zero emission

By or before 2050, the goal is to hasten progress towards achieving this. industry-wide commitment to reach near-zero methane emissions by 2030.

The inclusion of oil 

The presence of gas industry representatives at the 2021 U.N. climate change summit in Scotland is drastically different from previous years, as energy companies voiced their frustration with being excluded from the event.

Ahead of COP28

Some countries are still split on the issue of either completely eliminating fossil fuels to combat climate change or continuing to use coal in their energy production. oil and natural gas.

“If the oil and gas industry 

Amin stated that signing up for decarbonization and methane abatement agreements is a significant contribution to the discussion.

This will be the initial COP where we can quantify the amount of carbon we are removing.


Jaber, who also serves as the head of state security in the UAE. oil  oil producer

ADNOC, a major oil producer and member of OPEC, was a controversial choice to lead the climate summit due to their size and influence. oil exporter. – Reuters