Friday, July 19, 2024


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Israeli forces launched attacks near three hospitals in Gaza, according to reports from Palestinian media.

Palestinian media reported that Israeli warplanes targeted areas near three hospitals in the Gaza Strip on Monday morning. It is unclear if the hospitals themselves sustained any damage.

The Israeli military has not yet responded to the reports. These reports claim that Israel targeted areas near Gaza City’s Shifa and Al-Quds hospitals, as well as the Indonesian Hospital in the north of the enclave.

The head of the Indonesian Hospital informed Al Jazeera that the Israeli airstrikes resulted in significant harm and casualties, but did not specify any details.

At this time, Reuters has been unable to verify the reports. There have been no reports of any harm or injuries at or in the vicinity of the other two hospitals.

On October 14th, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society announced that they were instructed by Israel to vacate Al-Quds hospital. The organization stated that it was impractical to transport the ill and injured individuals.