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The initial images of the PS5 Slim validate that an online connection is required for the disc drive to function.

ps5 Slim vs PS5

@phantompainss/The Verge


  • The first leaked images of the PS5 Slim in real-world settings have been revealed.

  • They display the console positioned next to the larger PlayStation 5.

  • The images also verify that an internet connection is necessary for the detachable disc drive.

The initial actual images of the PlayStation 5 Slim were revealed on a previously known as Twitter account only a few hours ago. Unfortunately, the leaker promptly deleted them, potentially due to a copyright claim from Sony. Nonetheless, the team at The Verge acted swiftly to capture and preserve the leaked photos of the PS5 Slim, which depict the slimmer console alongside the bulkier PlayStation 5.

The upcoming console is set to be released this month and will have a slightly slimmer and smaller appearance compared to the original PS5. As reported by The Verge, who had an opportunity to see the images before they were removed, the PS5 Slim will have the same ports as the larger version, including HDMI, two USB, and ethernet ports.

The recently revealed images of the PS5 Slim show its detachable disc drive prominently. The leaked information also mentions a setup screen that supports previous speculations about the drive needing an internet connection to operate.

ps5 slim leak tweet

@phantompainss/The Verge

The setup screen displayed a prompt stating that the disc drive cannot be used until the PS5 is connected to the network and the disc drive is registered to the console.

According to previous speculation, it is possible that you will only need to connect the detachable disc drive to the PS5 Slim one time. However, there are worries about the potential impact if Sony were to shut down the authentication servers for the PS5 and the drive in the future.

The PS5 Slim is priced at $499.99, with a digital-only option available for $449.99.