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It seems that the Pixel Watch 2 is experiencing an issue with charging, and Google is aware of the problem.

Google Pixel Watch 2 Charger

Kaitlyn Cimino from Android Authority


  • Several users are experiencing problems with charging their Pixel Watch 2.

  • There are reports that some people have issues with their watches not charging when using the included charging dock.

  • Some users have stated that their Pixel Watch 2 devices experience intermittent charging.

  • Google is aware of the ongoing issue.

Users of the Pixel Watch 2 have raised concerns about a problem with charging their wearable device. Multiple threads on Reddit indicate that many users are experiencing difficulties with their new Google smartwatch not charging. Additionally, some owners of the Pixel Watch 2 have mentioned that their watches only charge sporadically when connected to the charging dock.

According to a persistent user’s investigation, Google is aware of the issue. The customer support team informed the user that the problem with the Pixel Watch 2 is ongoing and that the company would provide a solution as soon as possible. However, the user never received any updates from Google. They attempted various solutions such as purchasing a new charging cable from the Google Store and trying different outlets and ports, but none of them were successful. The user’s Pixel Watch 2 would often stop and start charging on its own. Eventually, the user was able to communicate with a support staff member through live chat and was offered a replacement Pixel Watch 2 for the malfunctioning one.

Unfortunately, not all Pixel Watch 2 devices experiencing charging issues have been as fortunate. Numerous users have disclosed that they are still awaiting a response from Google regarding their smartwatches not being able to charge.

“I am experiencing the same problem. The cable is properly connected to the watch and the magnet attaches to the back, but nothing occurs. I have tested various chargers and confirmed their functionality with a USB-C to USB-C phone charge check beforehand, but the watch still does not charge. This is incredibly frustrating. I have also reached out to support, and they have informed me that they will need to consult with their superiors. Please keep an eye on your email for a response.”

A different individual expressed frustration that Google Support has ceased communication in regards to their problem via email.

Currently, it is not known whether the issue lies with the charger that comes with the Pixel Watch 2 from Google, or if there are faulty units of the smartwatch. According to Google’s support page, users should check if their charger is properly aligned with the Pixel Watch 2 before taking further action.

If you have a Pixel Watch 2, it will only fit properly on the dock in a specific orientation. If it is placed on the magnetic dock incorrectly, it will not charge. To troubleshoot charging issues, make sure the watch is properly aligned with the charger, the back of the watch is free of debris, and the charging pins are not obstructed or harmed.

If your Pixel Watch 2 is still not charging, like others who have reported the issue, you should contact Google Support by logging into your Google account and going to this link. Users who have experienced this problem suggest contacting the Google Store support team instead of the Watch team, as it appears that the Watch team is unable to offer a solution or replacement.

We will contact Google to obtain further information on the current charging problem with the Pixel Watch 2. If we receive a response from them, we will update this article accordingly.