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Rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Ring: Anticipated launch date and desired features.

A box with the Samsung logo rests on a table.

Credit: Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Update: As of October 6, 2023 at 11:37 AM ET, our Galaxy Ring hub now includes a speculation about the release timeframe and various ring sizes.

Samsung’s smartwatch collection is highly regarded in the current market. In fact, we have even chosen the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro as our top wearable for 2022. Despite their success, Samsung seems to be looking towards a new direction. They may be shifting towards a smaller design meant for a different part of the body. It’s possible that the new Samsung Galaxy Ring will soon be available to wear on your finger. Here’s all the information we have on this upcoming device.

Is a Samsung Galaxy Ring in the works?

Oura Ring 3 On Hand

Oura Ring 3
Credit: Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Barring any unexpected catastrophes, it is highly probable that a Galaxy Ring will be released by the company. At the very least, it is confirmed that Samsung is developing a smart ring. Patents for the product were filed in 2022 and the trademark for the Samsung Galaxy Ring was approved by the Korean Intellectual Property Right Information Service (KIPRIS).

For years, we have disregarded rumors about Apple Watch rings. However, it is becoming increasingly popular for smart rings to be used. Many users prefer the screen-free experience, as it allows them to focus on tracking their essentials without any distractions. According to a report from Korean news outlet The Elec in mid-July, the Galaxy Ring is currently in the final stages of development. This suggests that the product is more than just a concept.

When is the expected release date for the Samsung Galaxy Ring?

It is highly difficult to predict when Samsung’s first smart ring will be released. As they venture into uncharted territory, Samsung will want to ensure a successful launch. In order to compete with other smart rings on the market, the device must be thoroughly refined before its debut. However, the lack of rumors or leaks makes a 2023 release seem doubtful.

According to The Elec, the release date for this product may be as early as 2024. However, if Samsung chooses to seek medical approval, the timeline could be extended. An industry source stated that even if development begins in September and is completed by April of the following year, it could still take 10 to 12 more months to obtain medical device approval. This could potentially result in a release date of 2025.

Recent information shared by reliable leaker Ice Universe indicates that the Samsung Galaxy Ring is expected to be released alongside the Samsung Galaxy S24 series at Samsung’s upcoming Unpacked event in January 2024. This speculation is reinforced by a recent APK teardown of the Galaxy Wearable app, which uncovered code related to a 2024 launch of the smart ring.

The Elec has released a new report stating that the smart ring is expected to be launched in either Q3 2024 or Q1 2025. The report also mentions the possibility of the Galaxy Ring being launched in conjunction with the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6.

What are the potential specifications and features of the Samsung Galaxy Ring?

Samsung Galaxy Ring Patent

Credit: Samsung

Based on the patent filings first reported by Korean outlet Naver, the ring may offer a fair amount of health tracking. The filing suggests the integration of both ECG and PPG sensors, This would likely mean the ability to take heart rate measurements as well as monitor temperature. These features align the ring with the current capabilities of the Oura Ring 3, a current leader in the smart ring market. An even earlier patent points to potential smart home integration. It’s possible Samsung will offer Galaxy Ring users the ability to control connected devices such as a smart TV.

In mid-July, The Elec shared a report mentioning a recent patent filed by Samsung. The patent reveals that XR glasses may potentially utilize a smart ring to obtain precise positional data for the fingers and hands. This could enable accurate tracking of hand and finger movements in XR applications, providing better control over the user interface and apps. However, it should be noted that this is only a patent and there is no confirmation that this feature will be available on the Galaxy Ring or any other Samsung ring.

According to a recent report by The Elec, Samsung is currently focused on developing a single model of their smart ring in four different sizes. This means that there will not be separate Plus or Ultra versions. However, the advanced version of the ring is currently too large for commercial release. Samsung is working to include as many features as possible, but plans to remove some of them in order to reduce the size during the mass production stage.

What could be the cost of the Samsung Galaxy Ring?

In simple terms, it’s costly. The high level technology needed to transform a small ring into a functional fitness tracker is likely to be expensive. We can anticipate prices similar to the brand’s current wearables.

The newest Oura Ring 3 has a starting price of $299 and also requires a monthly subscription for full access to its features. Samsung has not yet implemented a subscription service for its Galaxy Watch series and we hope it does not follow the trend with the Galaxy Ring.

Is it advisable to hold off on purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Ring?

An Oura Ring in stealth, rests on a black surface.

Credit: Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

With so many unknowns and possibly years before we ever see the ring on shelves, we don’t recommend holding your breath for the Samsung Galaxy Ring. If a finger-based wearable is currently on your shopping list, there are a few other options. The Oura Ring 3 ( ) is our top pick with fantastic sleep tracking and a holistic approach to wellness. Meanwhile, the Circular Ring ( ) is the best Oura Ring 3 alternative. It tracks heart rate, sleep, and blood oxygen, and doesn’t require a monthly subscription.

or Watch Active 3) may have some exciting new features, but it’s best to wait and see.

If you prefer to remain within Samsung’s ecosystem, it may be beneficial to continue using their smartwatch line at present. While the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 (or Watch Active 3) may offer enticing new additions, it’s prudent to wait and observe.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic provides a comprehensive smartwatch experience with all the essential features for monitoring health and fitness.

The cost of ) is a little higher, but it has a rotating bezel and a more sophisticated appearance.

Desired Features for the Samsung Galaxy Ring

An Oura Ring in stealth, rests on a black surface.

Credit: Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

To begin with, we simply desire to witness the existence of a Samsung Galaxy Ring. A robust option to the Oura Ring could amplify the popularity of smart rings and encourage more companies to participate. We anticipate basic health monitoring and satisfactory battery longevity. Additionally, we have a few specific features in mind that we hope to see included.

Advanced health and training metrics

We naturally desire to have access to comprehensive health data for the rumored Galaxy Ring from Samsung. Oura’s heart rate monitoring and temperature tracking capabilities were especially valuable to us during our evaluation of the Oura Ring 3. If Samsung were to incorporate similar features, we would like to see a deeper utilization of temperature data, particularly for women’s health. We believe that the Oura Ring lacks in terms of fitness tracking, and Samsung has the opportunity to stand out by providing a more extensive range of features for athletes.

Fantastic sleep tracking

A Samsung Galaxy Watch displays information about the platform's sleep tracking.


Kaitlyn Cimino from Android Authority

The Oura Ring 3 dominates the market for smart rings, thanks to its focus on users’ sleep. Many people struggle with getting enough sleep, so providing a solution is a huge success. Recently, Samsung has also improved its own sleep tracking and we look forward to seeing this technology integrated into a ring format. We are interested in the accuracy, insights, trends, and sleep coaching that this device offers. The ring is lightweight, comfortable, and does not have a bright screen that could disrupt your sleep, making it an ideal companion for bedtime.

A thin design

Although smart rings may appear smaller than wrist-based wearables, they are still quite large in size. Some even resemble oversized wedding bands. It would be ideal if Samsung could provide a more compact design that is less attention-grabbing. Additionally, it would be great to have a wider selection of colors and finishes for the Samsung Galaxy Ring compared to what is currently available in the market.