Friday, April 12, 2024


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A possible upcoming offering from Google may include a combination of Nest Aware, One, and potentially other subscriptions.

Google One logo on smartphone Stock photo 5


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  • The Google Home application contains coded phrases that mention a fresh subscription package from Google.

  • The phrasing indicates that the bundle may contain Nest Aware, Google One, and additional services. However, it is not specified what these additional services may be.

  • Google has recently discontinued Pixel Pass, a subscription bundle that was previously available.

Google has a variety of subscription services, including Google One which provides cloud storage and additional Google benefits. Nest Aware caters to the needs of Nest smart home devices, YouTube offers several subscription options, and Fitbit Premium is now a part of Google. This represents a significant number of services!

It appears that Google is developing a method to combine at least two of its services. Based on an analysis of the Google Home app (v3.7), it is possible that an “all-in-one plan” will be available in the near future. As reported by 9to5Google, a piece of code explicitly describes the Google subscription bundle as including “Nest Aware, 2TB of storage for Photos, Drive, and Gmail, and additional advantages.”