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View Mean Girls at no cost today in the most unfavorable manner.

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The author of this article is Joe Hindy from Android Authority.

  • Mean Girls day is being celebrated on TikTok by Paramount Pictures with the release of Mean Girls.

  • The film can be viewed at no cost.

  • The film has been divided into 23 individual segments.

If you enjoy the 2004 film Mean Girls starring Lindsay Lohan, chances are you fall into the millennial generation. You may also be aware that October 3rd is considered a holiday among fans of this movie – Mean Girls day. And if you’re eager to commemorate the day by rewatching the film, you’re in luck – it’s currently available to stream for free on the popular Android app, TikTok.

Paramount Pictures has made the entire Mean Girls film available on the official Mean Girls TikTok page in honor of the event. However, there is a special condition to this agreement. The movie has been divided into 23 individual segments, with each TikTok video lasting anywhere from one to several minutes.