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The UFC has announced their specific strategy for 35-year-old Conor McGregor’s sudden decision to retire, which includes plans involving Nate Diaz and Michael Chandler. This information was shared by a veteran of the UFC.

Conor McGregor is certainly getting up in age. He turned 35 this year, and while that may not sound like a lot, in sports terms, that is the latter lap of one’s career. Especially in a punishing sport like mixed martial arts. Especially with the long periods of inactivity that McGregor has had.

Furthermore, the exorbitant sum of money that the Irishman has accumulated (which some believe has made him complacent, unlike the ambitious and passionate McGregor that fans initially adored), it is understandable why there are speculations about the former two-division champion’s retirement. During their ‘Weighing In’ podcast, longtime MMA referee ‘Big’ John McCarthy and Josh Thomson explored the idea of McGregor retiring.

MMA veterans have been discussing a potential retirement scenario for Conor McGregor.

McCarthy inquired Thomson about Cormier’s suggestion for Makhachev to face McGregor as his next opponent. Thomson was skeptical and believed that McGregor would reject the fight, and would instead have to face Chandler since the UFC had invested a significant amount of money in promoting it.

Thomson stated to McCarthy that Conor will likely have to proceed with the Michael Chandler match. The fight has already been heavily promoted and a lot of money has been invested. After that, the UFC expects him to return and face Chandler.

Thomson suggested that the UFC may offer McGregor a fight against Nate Diaz after his match with Chandler. They may also discuss McGregor’s future plans, which may include retiring after this fight. McGregor has publicly challenged Diaz on his social media and expressed interest in winning the BMF title from Justin Gaethje before having a third fight with Diaz.

“After that, we’ll provide you with the Nate and then you can either ride off into the sunset or we can discuss renegotiating or what comes next. Let’s see where you stand,” Thomson said. However, ‘Mac’ was in Saudi Arabia to watch the Tyson Fury vs. Francis Ngannou boxing match, which may have motivated him to make a comeback in the boxing ring against a renowned boxer.

Despite facing a lawsuit, McGregor remains optimistic about the possibility of a boxing match with Manny Pacquiao.

Several months back, a court in California directed renowned boxer Manny Pacquiao to compensate Paradigm Sports Management, the firm that handles McGregor, with $5 million and legal expenses for violating a contract. Nevertheless, Pacquiao and McGregor were seen sitting together on a couch in Saudi Arabia, where they traveled to witness Fury-Ngannou.

The Saudi monarchy, who have been dedicated to showcasing the country as a top destination for sports tourism, appear to be striving for a McGregor vs Pacquiao boxing match in order to elevate the country’s reputation for combat sports. The former two-division champion has indicated that the potential crossover fight with the boxing icon is still on the table.

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The Irishman is eager to make his return to the octagon and has expressed his desire to do so as soon as possible. In an emotional plea, McGregor requested for a specific date to be set for his return. He explained that he has been unable to compete for almost three years, and this has greatly affected his livelihood. Despite facing challenges such as an injury and a loss, McGregor remains determined to come back stronger. What are your thoughts on his emotional outburst? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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UFC veteran claims that Conor McGregor’s sudden retirement at the age of 35 involves plans for Nate Diaz and Michael Chandler. According to UFC, they have detailed plans for McGregor’s retirement. This was reported by EssentiallySports.