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The NBA has issued a significant penalty to Dillon Brooks shortly after his self-proclaimed “villain” persona led to him striking Daniel Thies in the groin during a game.

Dillon Brooks wasted no time resuming his previous behavior. He played his first game for the Houston Rockets on October 10 against the Indiana Pacers in the NBA preseason opener. Despite his strong showing in the 2023 FIBA World Cup, fans were hoping for a fresh start for the former Memphis Guard, but Brooks had other ideas. Just five minutes into the game, he struck Pacers Center Daniel Thies in the groin. As a result, Brooks received a Flagrant 2 foul and was kicked out of the game.

The NBA has issued a large fine to the individual who goes by the moniker “Villain,” shortly after their unsportsmanlike behavior in a preseason game resulted in their removal from the game.

Dillon Brooks has been penalized for his behavior.

Following Dillon Brooks’ ejection from his first game with the Rockets, the NBA imposed a hefty $25,000 penalty on the 27-year-old player. Joe Dumars, Executive Vice President and head of Basketball Operations, declared the fine for Brooks’ reckless contact with Indiana Pacers Center Daniel Thies in the groin. While Brooks’ actions towards Thies were seemingly intentional and unnecessary, it is possible that the severity of the punishment was influenced by his negative reputation in the league.


Brooks was questioned about being singled out by the referees after being ejected. He responded, “What is my identity? I am Dillon the Villain.” This confirms the idea. This is not the initial instance where Dillon Brooks has dealt with the repercussions of his behavior.

Dillon The Villain

During last season’s playoffs, Dillon Brooks embraced the role of the antagonist when facing LeBron James and the rest of the team. After helping the Memphis Grizzlies secure a victory in Game 2 of the first round, Brooks proceeded to taunt the 4-time NBA champion. He showed disrespect towards James by calling him “old” and stating that he enjoys provoking him. However, this trash-talk eventually backfired as Brooks was ejected from Game 3 for hitting LeBron in the groin. The Los Angeles Lakers went on to win the game and eliminate the Grizzlies from the playoffs. As a result of his actions, Brooks quickly gained a reputation as a “villain” in the NBA, leading to his departure from the Grizzlies organization.

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Even though he had a negative image, Brooks signed a lucrative 4-year $80 million deal with the Houston Rockets during the off-season. The team and management hoped that Brooks would leave behind his “villain” persona and concentrate on his performance on the court. However, in his first game with the Rockets, the guard did not show any signs of improvement. In Houston, Brooks has the opportunity for a new beginning. But if he continues on the same path as he did in Memphis, it could have a negative impact on his future in the NBA.

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NBA imposes significant penalty on Dillon Brooks shortly after he proclaims himself a “villain” and strikes Daniel Thies in the groin region. This was reported by EssentiallySports.