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“Shakur Stevenson’s Pre-Fight Training Photos Generate Excitement in Boxing Community for Upcoming Match Against Edwin De Los Santos”

8 KOs, Stevenson will be facing a difficult test

Finally, Shakur Stevenson has secured an opponent to face him in the boxing ring. Despite his efforts to arrange fights with top contenders such as Devin Haney, Vasiliy Lomachenko, William Zepeda, Frank Martin, and Isaac Cruz, Stevenson was unsuccessful. Nonetheless, with a record of 16-1, 8 KOs, he will now face a challenging opponent.

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De Los Santos might not be the biggest name in the division. But reviewing his past performances, Shakur was convinced that Santos was the best available option. Moreover, Shakur is hard at work in his training camp, preparing for the upcoming fight. But what took the internet by storm are the pictures Stevenson shared on Instagram recently. Alongside the pictures, Stevenson wrote,

“I can’t believe it’s less than 4 weeks away.. I assure you, I am fully prepared and focused. This guy should have thought twice before making his request. I am excited to see all of you soon and put on a great performance for you all.”

After obtaining the picture, fans promptly went to the comment section to express their thoughts.

There has been a widespread show of support for Shakur Stevenson.

After being posted on Instagram, the post has received more than 53,000 likes and 500 comments, showing the eager excitement for the upcoming fight. This is also evident in the comment section, where there is a clear majority of support for ‘Sugar’.


Check out this post on Instagram.



The post by Shakur Stevenson was shared on Instagram.

One user boldly declared Shakur’s supporters are going to bet on him to win the impending clash. The user wrote,

“We have full confidence in you!” It’s worth mentioning that in the lead-up to the fight, Shakur is the crowd favorite by a mile. However, if De Los Santos manages to pull off an upset, people betting against Shakur will find themselves with a lot of money. 

In the same way, the following user was certain that Shakur would defeat any potential opponents.

“Shakur outperforms everyone else.”

The user stated that they believe the potential opponents fans are interested in seeing Shakur fight could include Haney.Gervonta Davis, and more. 

The previous users appeared to have strong faith in Shakur’s victory in the fight, but the next user went even further. They confidently stated that they would wager their house on Shakur defeating any of his opponents.

“Put all your faith in yourself to win against anyone.”
the user commented. 

Fans are excited at the prospect of a fight between Shakur Stevenson and Vasyl Lomachenko, with many expressing their anticipation for Stevenson to defeat Lomachenko.

Another person predicted that Shakur would achieve the title of three-time world champion by defeating Edwin in the fight.

“Preparing for the world championship for the third time.”‼

The user wrote, “It’s worth noting that at just 26 years old, Shakur is a two-time champion and is determined to claim the vacant WBC lightweight title by defeating Edwin.”

A different user pointed out that Shakur admires Edwin’s abilities and recognizes the Dominican fighter as a skilled lightweight boxer.

“Shakur clearly recognizes Edwin’s position as one of the top four lightweights.” the user wrote. 

Although the fight is a few weeks away, Shakur appears prepared for the confrontation immediately. Additionally, the reactions from supporters indicate a dominant triumph for the Newark-born boxer. Nonetheless, only time will reveal the outcome when the two competitors enter the ring on November 16th. Who do you believe will emerge victorious in the upcoming bout?

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The pictures of Shakur Stevenson in training camp for the fight against Edwin De Los Santos have caused a stir in the boxing community, with many betting on Stevenson to win.