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According to Anatoly Malykhin, a fight as intense as this one cannot be limited to just three rounds. He analyzes the upcoming rematch between Rodtang and Superlek.

Anatoly Malykhin, the two-division ONE World Champion, was thrilled by the intense fight between Rodtang Jitmuangnon and Superlek Kiatmoo9 last Friday, but he is eager for more.

The two top Thai performers finally faced each other in the featured bout of ONE Friday Fights 34, much to the excitement of fans and competitors globally.

Anatoly Malykhin has significant thoughts on the upcoming rematch between Rodtang and Superlek.

Regrettably, the planned five-round competition for the ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Title was shortened to three rounds due to ‘The Kicking Machine’ missing weight. Nonetheless, the match was packed with thrill from start to finish, as anticipated. It was such an enjoyable fight that Malykhin is eager for a rematch in the near future.

He is eagerly anticipating news about his next fight, but he is also excited to see the two skilled strikers face off again. In an interview with ONE, he stated, “I am more excited for the Rodtang and Superlek rematch than I am for my own next fight.”

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“What I want to say about the Rodtang vs. Superlek fight is this: these are two masters of the highest style of Thai boxing, who always dedicate themselves completely to their actions in the ring, without sparing either themselves or the opponent. They put on a show and deliver knockouts that the audience loves.”

Many fans were not in favor of Superlek’s victory at ONE Friday Fight 34.

The highly anticipated match ended with Superlek winning by a unanimous decision. However, many fans and fellow fighters do not agree with the judges’ decision. During the early stages of the match, ‘The Iron Man’ caused his compatriot to bleed with a forceful elbow strike. The referee and doctor determined that the match could continue, and spectators were treated to more intense action between the two skilled strikers. In the second round, Rodtang was knocked down after a clash with the kickboxing champion. Although he believed it was just a slip, the referee began a count and awarded a knockdown to Superlek.

“I admire Smilla Sundell’s striking abilities,” Allycia Hellen Rodrigues states, expressing her appreciation for Smilla’s fighting style.

The last round was a tight battle, as both fighters were determined to execute their strategies. Rodtang was determined to end the fight, especially after the questionable knockdown, while Superlek focused on staying at a distance and countering his opponent’s attacks with his superior clinch skills. As the final bell rang after the closely fought third round, everyone was left wanting more, including Malykhin. He stated, “A fight of this magnitude should not be limited to just three rounds. It’s a disservice to the sport of Muay Thai. There should be five rounds for a fight of this caliber.”

“The matchup between Rodtang and Superlek is of such high intensity that it cannot be contained within just three rounds,” explained Anatoly Malykhin as he analyzes their upcoming rematch on EssentiallySports.