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. “Rick Hendrick’s Generosity Shocks Dale Earnhardt Jr. as He Recounts Near-Death Experience as 2-Time IndyCar Champion”

It’s hard to believe that a two-time NTT IndyCar Series champion and the winner of the 2018 Indianapolis 500 can find himself in a position to need desperate assistance. But fate, as it seems, has a unique way of leveling the playing field—it doesn’t discriminate between a 7-time NASCAR Cup Series champion and a double IndyCar victor. And speaking of unexpected moments, picture this: someone extending a gesture to Rick Hendrick, the mogul behind NASCAR’s most triumphant team. It did happen.

At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the star driver of Team Penske met with Rick Hendrick, owner of HMS, who was there supporting his favorite. In a surprising turn of events, the driver from Penske presented Mr. H with a memorable gift that even surprised Dale Earnhardt Jr.—a special token that Rick Hendrick admitted he would cherish forever.


Indianapolis was the setting for a heartwarming tale involving two prominent figures in the racing world that deeply impacted Dale Jr.

As the 2023 Cup season comes to a close, Kyle Larson, a driver for Rick Hendrick, is already preparing for his debut in the 2024 Indy 500.
Prior to Larson igniting his tires on the racetrack, Will Power, a renowned driver for Team Penske, approached Mr. H in the pit lane. With a grateful expression, Power presented a meaningful present as a token of his sincere gratitude for the support extended by the HMS owner to him and his loved ones during a difficult period.

In January, Liz Power, the wife of Will, was stricken with a dangerous Staph infection that put her life in jeopardy. As Power faced the possibility of losing his wife and the mother of their young child, Beau, he felt desperate. Fortunately, Rick Hendrick, the influential figure behind NASCAR’s Cup Series, heard about Power’s situation and stepped in as a guardian angel. Hendrick offered a valuable lifeline to Power during this difficult time.

Mr. H swiftly connected Will Power with the top medical experts in Charlotte, North Carolina. The gravity of Liz’s condition was made starkly evident one night as a perilous 106-degree fever threatened her very existence.

Recalling the frightening experience, Power stated, “He connected me with top-notch doctors and individuals to care for her. She was on the brink of death. It was a difficult situation.” Hendrick’s prompt assistance ultimately led to Liz’s recuperation.

Power made a touching gesture by choosing the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as the location to present Hendrick with his race-worn helmet from the 2023 Indianapolis 500. The helmet was adorned with a personal message, expressing Power’s thankfulness for Hendrick’s life-saving help. Even Dale Earnhardt Jr., who is usually reserved, was surprised by this act. He shared a heartfelt video on his Twitter page, expressing his appreciation to Rick Hendrick, accompanied by a caption.

I am curious about the number of times Rick has helped someone in this way. From my knowledge of him, I have heard numerous accounts of him assisting others in similar ways.👏

Afterwards, Rick Hendrick expressed his deep emotions to NBC Sports, stating, “That helmet holds a special significance for me because whenever I see it, I am reminded of life.” Hendrick shared with NBC Sports his thoughts on the gift from Power.

The day was extra significant for Mr. H as he received a touching tribute from Power and also witnessed his driver, Kyle Larson, excel in the Rookie Orientation Program. It was a day of successes for the HMS leader, both on and off the race track.

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Kyle Larson’s swift mastery at the Indy 500 orientation

On Thursday, Kyle Larson impressively showcased his abilities as he drove on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the first time in an Indy car. Completing the Rookie Orientation Program (ROP) was a significant milestone for Larson, as it marked the beginning of his journey towards his goal of competing in the 2024 Indianapolis 500.

His prowess shone brightly as he flawlessly completed the three-tiered ROP. Navigating the 2.5-mile oval in the No. 6 Arrow McLaren/Hendrick Motorsports vehicle, Kyle Larson undertook his rookie challenges with precision: 10 laps clocking between 205-210 mph, 15 laps at a brisk 210-215 mph, and another 15 laps exceeding a blistering 215 mph.

Larson has left his mark with impressive lap speeds of 217.898 mph and 221.187 mph in his final session and on the speed traps, respectively. On Memorial Day Weekend in 2024, he will join the ranks of elite racers taking on the thrilling double challenge of competing in both the Indianapolis 500 and the iconic Coca-Cola 600 in NASCAR.

The tolerance of outspoken Dale Earnhardt Jr. towards the controversial “HMS Culture” under the leadership of Jeff Gordon has been questioned by a trusted source within the organization.

As fans eagerly mark their calendars for this event, Rick Hendrick’s words ring true: “Life” is truly the ultimate race. Larson’s future pursuits guarantee an exciting chapter in this journey.

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