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“Experience the Next Evolution of Surfing: Canine Companion Becomes First Surfing Dog to Conquer the Barrel, Outshining Professional Riders”

Kelly Slater’s surf ranch is the latest popular destination for surfers, with famous figures like Shaun White and Nina Dobrev attempting its challenging waves. Recently, a Dog Surfing Champion and Shredder of the Year Award Winner have also conquered the ranch, demonstrating their exceptional abilities and outshining the celebrity surfers.

Skyler, the dog, is an experienced surfer. Since she was a young puppy, she has displayed a natural knack for riding waves. Throughout her fifteen years, she has continuously improved and has now become a master on the surfboard. Although she retired from competitions last month, her fans said goodbye to her with tears in their eyes. However, in a recent post on social media, Skyler proved that she still has plenty of rides left in her.

Skyler, the canine surfer, rides a tube wave at Kelly Slater’s surf resort.

The public relations team of the champion surfer dog shared a heartwarming video on social media yesterday, showcasing Skyler’s trip to Kelly Slater’s surf ranch. Skyler and her owner, Homer Henard, were seen riding waves and bravely taking on a large barrel. The caption on the Instagram post read, “Skyler the Surfing dog gets pitted!” The accompanying photo featured Skyler and Henard riding a million-dollar wave pool with the words “First Dog To Get Barreled In History @skylerthesurfingdog”. However, their surfing excursion continued well into the night.


Check out this post on Instagram.


A post shared by Skyler Valentine Henard (@skylerthesurfingdog)

The post on Instagram also included a video taken at night. Although surfing in the open ocean after dark can be risky, the expensive wave pool is well-lit at all times. Henard and Skyler continued their fun surfing antics on a longboard as much as they wanted.

Henard ensured the safety of his cherished companion by outfitting her with a custom red life jacket. Despite being a bit of a risk-taker, Skyler didn’t seem to mind getting her fur wet. Her strong connection with Henard was evident and served as a reminder of her important role in the medical field.

Skyler’s impact goes beyond the world of surfing.

Although renowned for her success in the World Dog Surfing Championships, Skyler’s accomplishments extend beyond mere medals. As an exceptional therapy dog, she has brought solace to children with disabilities and worked with injured veterans, instilling them with newfound hope for life. Additionally, Skyler has lifted Henard’s spirits on multiple occasions when he was feeling low. Overall, she serves as a prime example of the uplifting influence a canine companion can have on someone’s life.

“According to rumors, a dog named Champ who is a skilled surfer and has won the Shredder of the Year award has retired, making a heartwarming gesture to mark the occasion.”

Last year, Skyler faced a health scare herself and needed heart surgery to remove a tumor. She has triumphed over this obstacle with extraordinary courage. Even now, she continues to make waves a hundredth time her size in the surfing world.

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