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LaMelo Ball’s dad, in the midst of an argument about parenting, harshly criticizes former Lakers player Kareem Abdul Jabbar by saying “Focus on your loved ones.”

Kareem Abdul Jabbar, a renowned figure in the Lakers community, is typically reserved unless he feels the need to speak out against something he sees as incorrect. He was greatly bothered by LaVar Ball’s behavior and publicly expressed his disapproval. Kareem simply pointed out a flaw without attacking the individual, but LaVar responded in a negative manner. What started as a comment on the impact on the sport devolved into a heated argument involving his family during an interview with Vlad TV.

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The Family Feud

In 2017, before Lonzo Ball was selected in the draft, his father LaVar enthusiastically promoted his son. Kareem noticed this and criticized him, stating that parents like LaVar Ball have a negative impact on college basketball by creating a spectacle for profit. LaVar’s hype has made his sons well-known, but Kareem believes it is detrimental for the college basketball industry.

Despite being drafted as the second pick by the Lakers, Lonzo Ball’s father, LaVar, has faced criticism from basketball legends like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Charles Barkley. This long-standing feud was reignited during an interview on Vlad TV, causing LaVar to angrily lash out. In the video below, you can witness LaVar taunting Kareem with a remark about focusing on his own family.

The host of Vlad TV also shared Kareem’s family details with LaVar, encouraging him to make more jabs at the former Lakers star.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has caused a stir by excluding LeBron James from his list of the top 5 greatest players of all time, instead including himself and Kevin Durant.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander has sparked controversy by leaving LeBron James out of his top 5 list of the best players ever, opting to include himself and Kevin Durant.

LaVar mocked Kareem for having 5 children with 3 different women and none of them being as famous as his sons.

What about Gelo?

Despite LaVar Ball’s desire to boast about his two sons making it to the league, his middle son is still facing challenges. This is not meant to mock, but rather express a genuine worry.

On February 22, in Chino Hills, California, LaVar Ball was photographed at his home with his sons LiAngelo and LaMelo, who are both star basketball players at Chino Hills High School. The family was seen wearing the apparel from LaVar’s own brand, Big Baller Brand.

LaVar made the decision to withdraw his sons from school in order to have them play in Lithuania. This decision proved successful for Melo, but Gelo is still struggling to achieve his goal of playing in the professional league.

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For all the kids trying to make it to the league, it is only their skills and talents that would get noticed, not the hype. And for any parent out there trying to follow in the footsteps of LaVar, please look at all his sons, not the only two who are in the league.

LaMelo Ball’s dad is criticizing 7’2 Lakers icon Kareem Abdul Jabbar, accusing him of being oblivious to the ongoing debate about parenting and urging him to focus on his own family. This was shared on EssentiallySports.