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Traveling 6,527 Miles to ‘Michael Jordan’s City’, 21YO K-Pop Star’s Bulls Legend Tribute on Proud Display

Fans of K-Pop are well aware of the strong connection between their favorite idols and the sport of basketball. Whether it’s NCT Dream’s Mark Lee and Zhong Chenle consistently expressing their admiration for Steph Curry on social media, or BTS’ Suga serving as an ambassador for the NBA, the love between the Korean entertainment industry and the American basketball league goes both ways. As more and more K-Pop groups make their way into the US market, these artists take every opportunity to showcase their love for NBA legends. One Korean-American artist even paid homage to Chicago, capturing the hearts of local fans with some Michael Jordan collectibles.

Enhypen is currently enjoying a record-breaking World Tour. At its latest stop, one of its basketball-obsessed members displayed his love for the Black Cat.

Enhypen expresses their admiration for the Chicago Bulls and their legendary player, Michael Jordan.

Enhypen, a group of seven boys, is currently touring the US as part of their world tour, FATE. They began the tour in Seoul in July and have now reached the US this month. On October 6, they held a concert in Los Angeles as the first stop of their US leg. Their final show in the US was on October 22 at a significant location, 6,527 miles away from their starting point.

The final concert for Enhypen will be held at the United Center in Chicago, which is also the home arena of the Chicago Bulls. This arena holds a special significance as it was famously utilized by legendary basketball player Michael Jordan during his six championship wins, making it an iconic location for the city. The supergroup could not ignore this fact and paid tribute to it during their performance.

Jay, a member of the group, wore a replica of Michael Jordan’s No. 23 Bulls jersey during a portion of the concert. His overall charm and fashion choice impressed K-Pop fans in Chicago and caused a buzz on social media.

This special touch comes after the tour ran into some issues. Enhypen treats some of the ‘Engenes’ in sections closer to the stage with a send-off event. But as the US tour progressed, security issues escalated too and this event had to be toned down. That was obviously a downer on the special feature of the tour.

“Suga from BTS is the perfect addition to Luka Doncic, making them an unstoppable duo in both K-Pop and NBA”

“Suga, a member of the popular K-Pop group BTS, is the ideal complement to Luka Doncic, creating an unbeatable duo in the worlds of K-Pop and the NBA.”

Jay received recognition for his quick thinking and leadership when he spotted a fan in distress at the Newark concert and promptly alerted security to assist them. He has also taken on the responsibility of communicating with English-speaking fans at concerts. His acknowledgement of the United Center’s history was a thoughtful gesture for local fans who are unable to attend the farewell event due to safety precautions.

The NBA and K-Pop have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Jay, originally named Park Jeongseong, was born in 2002. He did not experience the era of basketball legend Michael Jordan. Jay is from Seattle, a city that has not had an NBA team since the Supersonics relocated to Oklahoma in 2008.

Although Heesung is regarded as the basketball star of the group and Jake showcases his skills in vlogs, Jay stood out during the closing concert. However, both Enhypen and other artists showed immense excitement for the NBA, reaching the level of devoted fans.

The league has capitalized on their fascination with NBA players, which has attracted attention from around the world. As a result, BTS member Suga, known for his love of basketball, was chosen as the league’s ambassador.

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Due to the large number of K-Pop celebrities who have a strong interest in basketball, fans can expect to witness an increase in the crossover between Hallyu and the NBA. What is your opinion on Enhypen’s acknowledgement of the NBA?

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