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Following the passing of his grandfather, Wrexham’s Paul Mullin scored twice, leading Ryan Reynolds’ team to match a rare 113-year-old club record.

Soccer is a game that brings a rollercoaster of emotions, and Wrexham AFC‘s recent match against Crewe Alexandra exemplified this perfectly. Not only did Wrexham’s star player, Paul Mullin, deliver an exceptional performance to honor his deceased grandfather, but the match also became a record-making one. And not just any normal record but equaled a 113-year-old record.

Despite their efforts, the team supported by Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds did not emerge victorious. The game resulted in a tie of 3-3, a common occurrence for the team during their EFL League Two season with a total of four draws so far. However, this specific draw will always be remembered in the club’s history.

Wrexham has tied a record that has been standing for a century.

At the 36th minute of the game, Wrexham encountered a challenge as they were already trailing 1-0. Ryan Bernat was given a red card, reducing the team to ten players on the field. Despite the unfavorable circumstances, Super Paul Mullin rose to the occasion and took charge.

Mullin not only displayed his impressive abilities but also took the chance to honor his deceased grandfather. Through his courageous actions, he netted two goals, saving Wrexham from a potential defeat. This accomplishment not only secured a crucial point for the team but also tied a record.

In the past, Wrexham has only been able to score three goals in a game when a player was ejected on one other occasion. This remarkable feat took place in 1910 when they defeated their opponents 3-1, even though they were short-handed. After an impressive 113 years, this outstanding achievement has been repeated, solidifying Wrexham’s spot in history once more.

It is undeniable that Paul Mullin deserves great accolades for his crucial contribution in reaching this exceptional achievement. The sentimental importance of this game goes beyond the realm of sports. Paul Mullin’s heartfelt dedication to his grandparent is what captured the interest of numerous supporters.

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Paul Mullin dedicated his grandmother to his performance.

Paul Mullin marked his goals with his distinctive ‘Albie hand’ celebration. He later disclosed that the gesture was a heartfelt tribute to his late grandfather. Following the game, the forward went on X and posted several photos from the match. In the caption, he explained that his performance was a dedication to his late grandfather.

paul mullin celebrating goal for Wrexham AFC

On February 7, 2023, Sheffield United will face Wrexham FC in a FA Cup match at Bramall Lane in Sheffield, England. During the Fourth Round Replay, Wrexham forward Paul Mullin scores a goal, resulting in a tie of 1-1. The match will be held at Bramall Lane, located in South Yorkshire, England. Please note that this information is for editorial use only and is copyrighted by xPhilxDuncanx PSI-16867-0038.

Mullin shared that the tickets were for his Grandie, along with a heart emoji. The announcement of his passing deeply affected many Wrexham fans, who expressed their sympathies and solidarity with Mullin. Despite the game resulting in a tie, it was a memorable experience for supporters of the Red Dragons.

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After Wrexham player Paul Mullin scored two goals in honor of his late grandfather, Ryan Reynolds’ team has now tied a 113-year-old club record, according to a post on EssentiallySports.