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Even after ending their partnership with Derek Jeter, the New York Yankees’ $80 million star still shows support, but it is ultimately ineffective as Coach Prime Deion Sanders’ Colorado Buffaloes suffer yet another loss.

The match between Colorado and Southern California was filled with famous faces. Deion Sanders has transformed the football culture at the University of Colorado Boulder. As a coach, he followed his son Shedeur Sanders to the college and has played a significant role in restoring success to the Buffaloes. The attendance at yesterday’s game, which included one of Derek Jeter’s former teammates, demonstrated Sanders’ impact.

As a Michigan native, the ex-captain of the New York Yankees used to root for the state’s sports teams during his childhood. His teammate CC Sabathia shared a similar experience, even though he grew up in California. While Jeter was a fan of the University of Michigan’s Wolverines, Sabathia was not. However, Coach Prime’s impact was strong enough for the retired pitcher to travel to Colorado and support a team that was not from California.

Buffaloes Suffer Defeat as CC Sabathia Emulates Coach Prime

The Deion Sanders-led team has suffered consecutive defeats in their recent games. Following a crushing loss to the Oregon Ducks, the coach promised that the Buffaloes would not face such defeat again. However, their next game against the USC Trojans resulted in a 48-41 loss, suggesting that the coach’s words were premature.


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CC Sabathia shared a post on Instagram.

However, CC Sabathia attempted to bring good luck by channeling the energy of Deion Sanders. He dressed in the iconic white hoodie, cap, and sunglasses of the former NFL player and was seen cheering on “Prime Time” during the game. He shared photos and videos from the event on his Instagram, fittingly captioning them with “#Primeeffect”.

By the way, Sanders sported an entirely black outfit during the game, but he kept his sunglasses and hoodie on. It was a highly anticipated home game for Colorado, with many hoping to see the underdogs win against the reigning champions. Unfortunately, they were defeated by a margin of seven points. Despite this, fans were pleased to have the former Yankees pitcher present at Folsom Field.

Fans of sports enjoyed watching Deion Sanders receive support from the star.

In addition to playing baseball, CC Sabathia is a passionate sports fan who frequently attends various NFL games. Recently, he had the opportunity to watch Coach Prime in action. Deion Sanders, who used to play for the Yankees during his career, was also present at the game, although he had retired long before Sabathia joined the team.

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Despite changing teams, the pitcher continues to show support for his former team wherever he travels. Most recently, he sported a themed cap, garnering praise from a fan who wrote, “I admire how you represent the Yankees wherever you go.”

The latter portion of the game was mentioned, during which the Buffaloes performed admirably despite ultimately being defeated. “The comeback was incredible!! Bryce wants to join us next time.”😆🫶🏾

The game was quite enjoyable, and they nearly made a comeback.

Many others enjoyed the images. “Fantastic pictures!!! Respect to the crew!!!”

“Great post! I particularly enjoyed slides 1 and 3.”🔥

Despite the Buffaloes’ second consecutive loss, it was an exhilarating game.

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