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Fans are excited as news of an IShowSpeed X Cristiano Ronaldo live stream emerges shortly after Al-Nassr’s shoutout. It is being touted as something that will cause the internet to crash.

Are there plans for an IShowSpeed stream with Cristiano Ronaldo? The loss of Manchester United to Galatasaray S.K. has disappointed a devoted fan! The popular entertainer and streamer IShowSpeed recently retired from his fanboy status with the soccer club, sparking speculation in the streaming community. Al-Nassr’s shoutout to IShowSpeed has sparked rumors of a potential Ronaldo X Speed stream on the internet.

The well-known YouTube personality has a strong admiration for soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. The unforgettable moment when Speed finally met his idol was full of emotion. Since then, both soccer fans and the online streaming community have been eagerly anticipating a stream that appears too perfect to be real. Recent reports suggest that Al-Nassr will make this dream stream a reality, and fans are ecstatic.

The welcome message from Al-Nassr that ignited the flame

After the disappointing defeat, the Red Devils were heavily criticized by their loyal supporters for not putting in enough effort.”

Following the unfortunate defeat, the Red Devils received a lot of backlash from their devoted fan base. One of their most ardent supporters, IShowSpeed, even took to Twitter to express their disappointment and call out the team for not giving their all in the match.

I have come to a decision. I am no longer a supporter of United. I have been a member of United since 1987 and a season ticket holder since 1999. However, I will not be renewing my season ticket. As of today, I am disavowing Ten Hag and Onana. Instead, I will be a fan of Al Nassr, a football club that knows how to effectively manage itself.

The steamer was disappointed with X.

However, the situation became more intriguing when Al-Nassr, the club linked to his role model, responded to the tweet.

“You are already a part of our group! We look forward to seeing you soon.”

The club’s tweet extended an invitation to Speed for the upcoming league game at Al-Awwal Park. Shortly after the response gained attention on social media, there were rumors of the club organizing a Speed broadcast featuring Cristiano Ronaldo.

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The data provided by IShowSpeed could strongly support the possibility of Al-Nassr considering the rumored stream. Additionally, it makes sense to take advantage of the positive chemistry that fans witnessed in June. It seems that these reports have sparked enthusiastic responses from the online community.

Fans are eagerly anticipating the collaboration between IShowSpeed and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The news of a potential livestream featuring the content creator and professional soccer player caused a frenzy on social media, as anticipated. Many passionate followers eagerly shared their enthusiasm for the concept. Here is a sample of the internet’s response to the announcement.

A supporter presents a logical argument, speculating that if the information is accurate, this live broadcast would surpass all previous records in the history of social media.

Another user’s belief is that the mere concept of the stream elevates it to a legendary level.


Some hilarious advice for the streamer. Fans want him to take his bold personality a notch down in front of his inspiration, an ideal ‘behavior’. 


A passionate follower acknowledges the streamer’s impressive success in the mainstream world. Without a doubt, deserving of all the attention.

Are you ready for the largest Speed stream yet?

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Fans are getting excited as news of an IShowSpeed X Cristiano Ronaldo stream potentially surfacing just hours after Al-Nassr’s shoutout. It’s being dubbed as the post that will “break the internet.”