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Conor McGregor has returned to the USADA pool and is planning his comeback to the UFC in a potential fight for UFC 300. In a video that has gone viral, McGregor is seen dominating his sparring partner and impressing with his sharp skills.

The ‘notorious’ Conor McGregor seems to be making a comeback after all, but not soon enough. Despite McGregor’s unwavering determination, the Irishman won’t be stepping back into the Octagon anytime soon due to the requirement of clearing the six-month USADA pool. Michael Chandler has also made a similar claim, setting the stage for McGregor to potentially make a triumphant return in UFC 300.

Initially, McGregor was set to face Michael Chandler on TUF 31. Unfortunately, USADA prevented Chandler from competing in the octagon. However, there is some good news as McGregor has complied with USADA’s testing by submitting his samples. He also delighted fans by sharing a video of his recent sparring session, generating excitement and hope among his supporters.

Conor McGregor’s sparring video has left fans in awe.

McGregor, also known as ‘Mystic Mac’, has been working hard to make a comeback to the fighting arena. In his most recent attempt, the Dubliner is showing determination. He has submitted his samples to the USADA pool, which means he will have to wait six months before returning to the octagon. Michael Chandler’s comments suggest that there is a high possibility of seeing the former two-division champion back in action at UFC 300.

In planning for McGregor’s comeback, it would be beneficial for both him and the promotional team to strategically partner with UFC 300. This critical moment has the potential to transform the entire event into a captivating spectacle, attracting a large audience and increasing profits for both the UFC and McGregor.

McGregor recently shared a video on his Instagram account of himself participating in a Sparring session. After posting the video, fans quickly took to the comments to show their support and admiration for the fighter. Here are some of the comments left on the post:


Please check out this post on Instagram.


on Sep 16, 2020 at 2:44pm UTC

On September 16, 2020, Conor McGregor Official posted a photo on Instagram at 2:44pm UTC.

Perspiring from the consumption of alcohol

He appears to be exhibiting aggressive behavior once more.

Champ in Making

You’re doing great and showing strength, champ!

Huge W mr mcgregor

Why’s he not fighting you back, don’t get that in the UFC Champ.

Wow, Conor is looking really sharp!

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From the responses of fans, it is evident that they are entertained by McGregor’s efforts to return to the ring. Despite this, fans have expressed admiration and support for the fighter as he continues to dominate his opponent in sparring.

The viewpoint of Michael Chandler regarding Mcgregor’s return.

Michael Chandler expressed his certainty that Conor McGregor’s return would coincide with the highly anticipated UFC 300 event. During a discussion with Ariel Helwani, he confidently stated that the fight would take place. However, he was unaware of the specific date for the potential match. Chandler also emphasized that McGregor would not make his comeback without facing him, as their showdown is crucial for his return.

During the conversation, Chandler mentioned that there is a highly anticipated card (UFC 300) coming up with the UFC. However, he has not been informed of the exact date yet, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if it falls on that date. He also mentioned that having more time to prepare for his opponent is beneficial, as he and his team are currently training in Nashville and will also work on a game plan in Florida to secure a knockout in the first or second round.

Conor McGregor’s return to the UFC has been confirmed, but fans will have to wait a while before seeing him back in action. How do you feel about McGregor’s decision to wait until UFC 300? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Conor McGregor, who is now part of the USADA pool and potentially returning to the UFC for a 300th fight, recently shared a video of himself sparring with a partner. The video quickly went viral as McGregor showcased his skills, with many commenting on how sharp he looked.