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Joe Rogan recently revisited the impact of Floyd Mayweather’s defeat on Canelo Alvarez’s boxing career, a decade after their highly anticipated $150 million fight. In light of Alvarez’s upcoming bout with Jermell Charlo, Rogan reflected on how the loss served as a valuable life lesson for the fighter.

According to Joe Rogan, Canelo Alvarez has gained valuable lessons from all of his opponents throughout his career, constantly improving with each match. However, the most significant and beneficial lesson for Canelo was learned from his bout with Floyd Mayweather a decade ago, where the two boxing legends faced off in a highly anticipated match dubbed as ‘The One.’

‘Cinnamon’ entered the match with high hopes of defeating ‘Money’ Mayweather, but ultimately it was ‘Money’ who claimed the win. With Canelo’s upcoming fight against Jermell Charlo drawing near, a recent clip from Rogan’s podcast has resurfaced and added fuel to the ongoing speculation as fans and experts take sides. What was the statement made by the UFC commentator? What lessons did Canelo take away?

“Despite facing a loss, Canelo Alvarez was able to gain a valuable lesson according to Joe Rogan.”

In the recently surfaced recording of his podcast, Joe commended Mayweather’s defensive style.

I believe Floyd’s exceptional talent for using the shoulder roll technique to evade punches and then successfully counterattack is unmatched.Joe said in the clip. He then referenced Canelo’s fight against Mayweather and explained how Canelo couldn’t hit him. According to Joe, “

It was a lesson in life.

Canelo received assistance that aided in the enhancement of his personal abilities.

Daniel Jacobs

Joe’s analysis is well-supported. Canelo’s in-ring performance significantly improved following the Mayweather match. It was truly a memorable fight and the amount of revenue it generated was astonishing.

The fight between Canelo and Mayweather was worth $150 million.

MGM Grand Garden

In September 2013, Cinnamon fought against the reigning Light Middleweight champion, Money Mayweather, at the MGM Grand Garden.MGM Grand Garden Arena
Mayweather emerged victorious in a sold-out venue, with thousands of spectators, as he claimed the WBA Super, WBC, and The Ring Light Middleweight titles via a majority decision after 12 rounds.

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Oscar De La Hoya

Mayweather’s fight against Canelo in 2013 earned him a staggering $136 million, but it was not his final record-breaking fight. In 2015, he competed in another groundbreaking match.Manny Pacquiao COMMA

According to a report from COMMA, the total generated revenue was $400 million.Boxing News.

As the fight between Canelo and Charlo draws near, there is much speculation. A recently surfaced video from Joe Rogan provides insight into what we can anticipate from the match. Who do you believe will emerge victorious in the upcoming fight? Did you view the Mayweather vs. Canelo match?

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Joe Rogan recently revisited the impact of Floyd Mayweather’s defeat on Canelo Alvarez’s boxing career, 10 years after their highly publicized $150 million fight. Rogan described it as a valuable life lesson for Alvarez, ahead of his upcoming match against Jermell Charlo.