Saturday, April 20, 2024


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The Prime Minister of Sweden has requested the assistance of the army chief in response to the increase in gang-related violence.

On Friday, Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson will convene a meeting with the head of Sweden’s armed forces and the state’s police chief in response to a surge of gang violence plaguing the country.

Kristersson stated in a televised speech on Thursday evening that they will locate and overcome the gangs.

Sweden has recently experienced a rise in violence related to gang activity, resulting in the deaths of 11 individuals this month. On Thursday, two men were shot in separate occurrences near Stockholm, and a 25-year-old woman lost her life in a bombing near Uppsala.

“Sweden is currently facing challenging times,” stated Kristersson, who also expressed concern for the increasing number of children and innocent individuals impacted by the violence.

He emphasized the severity of the situation, stating that Sweden has not experienced anything like it before. It is not comparable to any other country in Europe.

Kristersson attributed the increase in gang violence to an imprudent immigration policy, inadequate integration, and political naivety. He stated that Sweden will now implement a new strategy to address this issue.

The prime minister is scheduled to have a meeting on Friday with the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and the police commissioner of the country. They will be discussing ways in which the army and police can collaborate.

Kristersson stated that all options are being considered, both within the current legal framework and any necessary changes to laws that must be made swiftly.

Kristersson stated that Sweden will aim to implement additional actions, such as increased surveillance, search areas, and imprisonment terms.

Former Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson urged the current government to deploy the army to address the recent surge of violence. In an interview with Swedish news source Dagens Nyheter, Micael Bydén, head of the armed forces, expressed his readiness to assist and collaborate with the police.