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The 27 September 2023 rockslide at Chongzhou in Sichuan Province, China.

The author of The Landslide Blog, Dave Petley, is renowned for his expertise in the research and control of landslides.

Image of a landslide partially covered with a transparent sand-colored overlay and the words “The Landslide Blog,” centered, in white

The Weather Channel released a video showcasing a striking rockslide that took place on September 27, 2023 in Chongzhou, China’s Sichuan Province. With the abundance of landslide videos being shared, I typically refrain from posting them, but every so often one stands out. This one seems to be worth watching.

I am unable to find much information about the landslide, even on Chinese websites. However, the video can be watched on Youtube.

The Chongzhou rockslide is featured on The Weather Channel’s website in a slightly improved version. I suspect that the central section may have been accelerated, but I am uncertain.

Rockslides onto roads, such as this, are clearly immensely dangerous. The saving grace here is the smaller slides that clearly occurred ahead of the main failure. This is common, but not always the case. It does remind us to be extremely cautious when coming across freshly fallen blocks.

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