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The Federal Trade Commission has brought a significant antitrust lawsuit against Amazon for alleged monopolistic practices.

 –  lawsuit against Facebook for illegally maintaining its monopoly in the social media market

The US Federal Trade Commission has finally taken action by filing an antitrust lawsuit against Facebook. The lawsuit accuses Facebook of illegally maintaining its monopoly in the social media market.  lawsuit against Amazon

On Tuesday, the government requested the court to compel the online retailer to divest assets, citing allegations of Big Tech’s dominance in the most profitable sectors of the internet.

The FTC accused Amazon

In 1994, a company originated in a garage and now has a value of $1.3 trillion. It is currently combatting attempts by sellers on its online marketplace to sell products at lower prices on competing platforms. Amazon 

compelling vendors to utilize its storage facilities and shipping options, driving up expenses for customers.sellers, the FTC said.

Amazon is a monopoly 

If it abuses its authority, based on the FTC cannot reword

The seller states, “We are left with no other options and are unable to reword.” Amazon knows it.”

the social network
had abused consumers’ privacy

The lawsuit was anticipated due to numerous complaints over the years about the social network’s violation of consumer privacy. Amazon

Large technology companies like .com used their control over search engines, social media platforms, and online stores to gain an unfair advantage.gatekeepers on the most profitable aspects of the internet.

Both Democrats and Republicans have found common ground in their belief that action must be taken against Big Tech.and the  about:

The head of the FTC has expressed particular worry about: about Amazon‘s power.

The lawsuit lawsuit filed by

The recent addition of 17 state attorneys general to the group comes after a four-year-long investigation and a federal lawsuit initially filed by them.  lawsuit

Lawsuits have been filed against Google, owned by Alphabet, and Facebook, owned by Meta Platforms.

The FTC  the

The statement requested the court to grant a permanent injunction that would mandate. Amazon 

to cease its illegal behavior. lawsuit 

The case was brought before a federal court in Seattle. Amazon is based.

“Left unchecked, Amazon 

The entity will persist in its unlawful actions in order to uphold its position. monopoly power,” the FTC 

The complaint stated that the court should take action to stop Amazon‘s illegal course of conduct, pry loose Amazon‘s monopolistic control, deny Amazon 

Rewording: “We need to reverse the negative effects of their illegal actions and bring back fair competition.”

The FTC 

The complaint requested that the court consider granting “any necessary preliminary or permanent equitable relief, such as structural changes, to restore fair competition.”

In antitrust terminology, structural relief typically refers to a situation where a company divests an asset, such as a portion of its operations.

the spokesperson said that the company is facing challenges, including a decline in sales

During a media conference, the representative stated that the business is encountering difficulties, such as a decrease in revenue. FTC  big tech companies.

Lina Khan, who serves as the chair, was questioned about the concept of dividing large technology corporations. Amazon 

However, she declined to discuss it further. “Currently, our main concern is determining liability,” she stated.

In previous cases involving antitrust, the court’s initial step is to determine if the company violated any laws. If necessary, a discussion will then take place regarding potential remedies.

Amazon said that the FTC lawsuit 

The decision was misguided and would negatively impact consumers by causing increased prices and delayed deliveries.

“The practices the FTC  customers

The difficulty has led to an increase in competition and creativity throughout the retail sector, resulting in a wider range of options, reduced costs, and quicker delivery for consumers. Amazon  our

The increased number of customers creates a greater chance for the numerous businesses selling in our market. Amazon Amazon’s general manager

“I am the general manager of Amazon’s store,” stated David Zapolsky.
 Amazon cannot rewordn a blog post, 

The business announced that there were 500,000 individual sellers on its platform.


The shares had decreased by 3.2% prior to. lawsuit 

The announcement caused a 4% decrease in afternoon trading. Certain investors viewed this as a potential opportunity for profit.lawsuit.


In both scenarios, the shareholders come out victorious. If the FTC 

If the company is broken up, its current state will change because the value of its individual parts will be greater than the company as a whole due to the high valuation of its AWS (cloud) business. Analysts will likely recognize this in the near future, but currently it is a “shoot first, ask questions later” situation according to Thomas Hayes.chair 

working at Great Hill Capital.

The FTC said that Amazon  their competitors

Sellers who attempted to offer prices below their competitors were penalized. Amazon their own

This makes it challenging for customers to locate the seller independently. Amazon‘s platform.

the written

Some other claims are that the documented Amazon 

Prioritized its own products above competitors on its platforms.


The lawsuit was brought to the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington and was assigned to Seattle.John Coughenour

The person who was appointed to the court in 1981 by the Republican leader, Ronald Reagan.



Ms. Khan said that Amazon  dominance

The company had employed unlawful strategies to prevent potential competitors from challenging its position as the dominant force in the market. monopoly.


is currently taking advantage of monopoly  its sites and those who sell their products

Ability to negatively impact its customers, including the millions of families who use its websites for shopping and the sellers of its products. Amazon it

The platform and its numerous users, consisting of hundreds of thousands of sellers. Amazon 

She stated that she needed to contact them.


During her time as a law student, Ms. Khan wrote about legal matters. Amazon‘s dominance in online retailing for “The Yale Law Journal” and was on the staff of the House committee that wrote a report issued in 2020 that advocated reining in four tech giants: Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook.


The critics of this were pleased. lawsuit.

“No corporation has ever centralized this much power across so many crucial sectors. Left unchecked, Amazon the

Stacy Mitchell of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance expressed concern that a concentration of power and control could undermine the rule of law and hinder the maintenance of open, democratically governed markets. The Institute has advocated for governmental intervention in response to this issue. Amazon.

the Securities and Exchange Commission brought a record-breaking number of enforcement actions against corporations and individuals

Under the leadership of the Trump administration, which concluded in 2021, both the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission pursued a historically high number of enforcement actions targeting corporations and individuals. FTC opened probes into Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon.

Department of Justice has filed two lawsuits against Google, one during the presidency of Republican Donald Trump regarding their search business and another on advertising technology since Democratic President Joe Biden took office. FTC  transition period

During the administrations of both Trump and Biden’s transition, Facebook was sued. FTC 

has moved ahead with the lawsuit. – Reuters