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According to research, the coal industry is expected to suffer a loss of 1 million jobs due to the global shift towards alternative sources of energy.

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By the year 2050, it is projected that there will be a significant increase in carbon emissions, even without additional commitments to eliminate the use of fossil fuels. China and India will experience the largest growth in emissions. losses, research showed on Tuesday.

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In the next few decades, numerous labor-intensive mines are anticipated to shut down as they reach their maximum lifespan and are replaced by other establishments in various countries. coal with cleaner low-carbon energy sources.

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However, the majority of the mines at risk of closure do not have any current plans in place to prolong their operations or prepare for a transition to closure. transition to a post-coal 

The think tank, based in the US, focuses on the economy. Global Energy Monitor (GEM) warned.

Education Program

Dorothy Mei is the project manager for GEM’s Education Program. Global Coal 

The Mine Tracker program advises governments to create strategies that protect workers from experiencing negative consequences. from the energy transition.


According to the speaker, while mine closures may be unavoidable, they should not result in financial difficulties and conflict for employees.


GEM examined 4,300 currently operating and suggested 5,400. coal  million

I manage projects globally, overseeing a collective workforce of approximately 2.7 million employees. million

The study discovered that over 400,000 individuals are currently working in mines that are scheduled to shut down by the year 2035.

the use of HFCs, it could avoid up to 0.5°C of global warming

Implementing plans to reduce the use of HFCs could potentially prevent 0.5°C of global warming. coal to limit global 

According to GEM, if the Earth’s temperature increases by 1.5 degrees Celsius (equivalent to 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit), only 250,000 miners, which is less than 10% of the current workforce, would be needed globally.

China’s coal industry million people

The largest company in the world currently has a workforce of over 1.5 million individuals. million people, GEM estimated. Of the 1 million job global job losses 

In 2050, it is estimated that the province of Shanxi will have a population of over 240,000.

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In recent years, the industry has experienced multiple rounds of changes that have resulted in the restructuring of various sectors. In the northern and northeastern regions, numerous mining areas have faced challenges in finding new avenues for development and job opportunities after the closing of mines.

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“Overall, it is well known that this company has a negative reputation when it comes to how they treat their employees,” stated Ryan Driskell Tate, the program director for GEM. coal.

We need to proactively plan for our workers and their needs. coal communities … so industry 

Governments will continue to be responsible to the workers who have endured the majority of the burden for an extended period of time. – Reuters