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This is the first time in two decades that Apple has not been awarded the prestigious honor, losing out to Samsung.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority
  • The ACSI 2023 honor for personal computing has been split between Samsung and Apple.

  • After two decades, this is the first instance where Apple is not the only victor.

  • Samsung’s tablets played a significant role in surpassing Apple for this recognition.

Every year, the ACSI releases a report measuring the satisfaction of Americans with certain products and companies. For the last two decades, Apple has consistently received the highest score in the personal computing category. However, in 2023, this streak comes to an end.

According to the ACSI 2023 report, Samsung and Apple tied in rankings with a score of 83 each. This marks an increase of one point for Apple and two points for Samsung from the previous year.

The personal computing category encompasses laptops, tablets, and desktop computers. In the case of Apple, this would cover MacBooks, iPads, and desktop PCs like the Mac Mini. As for Samsung, their offerings would include Galaxy Book laptops, Galaxy Chromebooks, and the Galaxy Tab series. However, the company does not produce desktop PCs.

Based on the ACSI, Samsung and Apple’s tie can be attributed to the increasing satisfaction of customers with the Galaxy Tab series. This is in contrast to the overall decrease in tablet satisfaction in America this year, but Samsung’s score has actually risen by 6%. In simpler terms, Samsung is outperforming the general trend.

The ACSI 2023 survey gathered data from a random sample of over 14,000 American participants.

Has there been any improvement in Samsung tablets for ACSI 2023?

Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy Tab S9 series, their latest tablet release. One of the standout features of these tablets is their impressive hardware, including OLED screens and full IP68 ratings. These are not commonly found on other tablets.

Similarly, Samsung’s lower-priced options remain a worthwhile investment. The Galaxy Tab A series has consistently provided an inexpensive option for obtaining a decent tablet. These devices are ideal for families with young children or individuals seeking a compact and portable device for consuming media.

The main drawback for Samsung tablets has consistently been the Android operating system, rather than the actual hardware or cost. It wasn’t until recently that Google began to give significant attention to large-screen Android devices. This can be attributed to Google’s own goals in this area, evident with the release of the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet earlier this year.

Samsung’s focus on improving hardware and value, combined with Google’s efforts to catch up with larger displays, has likely resulted in increased satisfaction among customers with their purchases. The ACSI 2023 report shows that Apple’s iPad continues to receive praise, but the difference between the iPad’s operating system and Android may not be as significant as it used to be.