Sunday, May 19, 2024


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I am a big fan of the updated camera user interface on the Google Pixel, except for one frustrating alteration.

New pixel camera app interface on Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Credit: Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

Google recently released an update for its Pixel camera app, featuring a redesigned interface focused on user-friendliness. Despite initially thinking it was only for the Pixel 8, I discovered that it is also accessible on older models, such as my Pixel 7 Pro. As an avid phone photographer, I have been using this new UI for a week and overall, I am impressed with its features. However, there is one frustrating alteration that I am not a fan of.

This updated camera application is significantly more user-friendly.

The Pixel’s camera application has been a notable feature exclusive to the Pixel for some time. While the current interface was suitable for its limited capabilities of photo, video, portrait, and night mode, it has become more complex with the inclusion of new features such as multiple video modes, long exposure, and action pan photos. With the upcoming Pixel 8 series set to introduce even more distinctive camera options, a redesign was necessary.