Wednesday, December 6, 2023


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Google plans to reintroduce a valuable feature for Nest speakers that was previously removed by Sonos.

Google Nest Audio smart speaker touch control

Credit: Lily Katz / Android Authority
  • Google has issued a statement in response to the judge’s decision to reverse a verdict in favor of Sonos, a manufacturer of home audio equipment.

  • According to Google, Sonos has been engaging in a deceptive campaign for several years, targeting features found on Google Home devices and smart speakers.

  • Google has announced that it will restore the capability to easily group and incorporate its smart speakers.

A judge in California has nullified a previous decision by a jury awarding Sonos $32.5 million in an intellectual property disagreement with Google. Google has since reacted to the overturned ruling and announced plans to reinstate a feature on their Nest smart speaker that they were previously required to remove.

According to a recent blog post, Google claims to have been targeted by a deceptive campaign by Sonos over the course of several years, specifically regarding its Google Home and smart speaker capabilities. The company further states: