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Oscar Piastri is learning from Max Verstappen, gaining a valuable advantage over Lando Norris and earning the respect of the F1 veteran.

Oscar Piastri has faced criticism for his interactions with Alpine and the controversies surrounding his debut in F1. However, as the season has progressed, particularly after the British GP, the rookie has not only disproved his doubters but also gained their admiration. One of his newfound fans is F1 veteran Peter Windsor. The former team principal is impressed by the rookie’s performance, as he holds his own against his more experienced teammate Lando Norris, despite team orders limiting him. Windsor is particularly impressed by the rookie’s conduct and interactions with Max Verstappen, which he finds to be unique and admirable.

If you are currently joining the Formula 1 world, there is no one better to admire than the current Red Bull world champion. As noted by Windsor in a recent YouTube video on Cameron F1’s channel, many drivers tend to overlook their peers. But not Piastri! Windsor was impressed by the McLaren rookie’s eagerness to learn and his respect for other drivers.

When asked about Oscar’s potential compared to Lando Norris based on his performances so far, Windsor had high praise for the newcomer. He stated, “Absolutely! I believe he takes corners more efficiently than Lando and is more critical of his own driving technique. This could be due to it being his rookie season and his determination to absorb as much knowledge as possible. However, it’s rare for drivers to observe and learn from others, and he closely watches Max to do just that. I see this as a major strength and overall, he possesses all the necessary qualities.”

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Currently, Piastri is in a phase of collecting information and according to Windsor, he is excelling at it. In fact, he has even acknowledged doing the same in the past.

for young drivers

Oscar Piastri praises his teammate Lando Norris as the standard for young drivers while sitting beside Max Verstappen.

During the weekend of the Belgium GP, Piastri achieved his first podium finish in Formula 1, although it was in the sprint race. Nevertheless, both the Sprint shootout and the main race demonstrated Piastri’s skill and determination. The young Australian received praise for his performance throughout the weekend. When questioned about his quick success in just 11 races, Piastri attributed it to his teammate for helping him meet the standards of F1.

(L) Oscar Piastri and (R) Lando Norris
Formula One F1 – Japanese Grand Prix – Suzuka Circuit, Suzuka, Japan – September 24, 2023. McLaren’s Lando Norris and McLaren’s Oscar Piastri celebrate second and third place after the Japanese Grand Prix. REUTERS/Issei Kato

He expressed contentment with his current driving abilities, acknowledging that there is still room for improvement and learning. He also highlighted the benefit of having a skilled teammate to learn from and use as a benchmark to help him regain his speed.

Can Oscar Piastri’s early success at McLaren be seen as evidence of his talent surpassing that of Daniel Ricciardo?

The lingering question is, when will Piastri become a thorn in Norris’s side in the world of F1? It will be intriguing to observe how their dynamic evolves in the upcoming two years.

Oscar Piastri is gaining an advantage over Lando Norris and earning the respect of F1 veteran, Max Verstappen, by taking notes from the latter. This is discussed in a post on EssentiallySports.