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Just days after the Phillies secured a spot in the Wild Card, the singer of “Dancing on My Own” has made a bold promise for the World Series as Red October kicks off.

Unfortunately, our real lives do not come with background music. However, if the Philadelphia Phillies could choose, they would want “Dancing On My Own” to be their soundtrack. This is not the synth version by Swedish artist Robyn, which was nominated for a Grammy. Instead, the city has been singing along to Calum Scott’s ballad rendition. In light of this overwhelming love, the English singer is making a strong statement.

The city of Philadelphia is celebrating after reaching the playoffs for the second consecutive year following a lengthy dry spell. Anticipation is building for an exciting game against Atlanta, as fans show their support for the Fighting Phillies. In the meantime, the iconic song from 2015’s Britain’s Got Talent can be heard being sung by everyone. If they’re fortunate, the city may even have the opportunity to see the artist perform it live.

Calum Scott now supports the Philadelphia Phillies as his new baseball team.

In 2022, the Philadelphia Phillies suffered a significant loss to the Houston Astros in the World Series. However, the fact that they were able to make it to this championship after 11 years was reason for celebration. After an amazing season, fans are hoping for a repeat of their success in October and are eager for their team to bring home the ultimate trophy. One such fan is Calum Scott.

The Phillies’ clubhouse, ranked second in the NL East, celebrated their playoff clinch by playing a dance mix of ‘Dancing On My Own’. This song is likely to be played at future victories as well. And with the fans at Citizens Bank Park singing along, Scott may even be spotted in the crowd.

When the singer-songwriter was asked about the World Series, he said, “I’ll definitely be there.” He also mentioned that he would be so excited that someone might have to restrain him. Despite the fact that the song has nothing to do with baseball, it has become the unofficial anthem for the Phillies in a unique moment of pop culture. Surprisingly, the team was considering replacing the song earlier in 2023.

At Number One

“Despite being dubbed the ‘second place song’, ‘Dancing On My Own’ reclaims the number one spot.”

The athletes not only participate in singing the tune in multiple videos posted on social media, but the spectators in the stands also flawlessly synchronize with the lyrics and ‘oh-oh-ohs’ in beat. ‘Dancing On My Own’ gained immense popularity by the conclusion of 2022, leading to Calum Scott expressing gratitude towards Spotify listeners.

However, there was an unexpected development in February 2023 when the team expressed a desire to change their song, as reported by Sports Illustrated. Catcher J.T. Realmuto remarked, “That song carried us all the way to the World Series.” Even left fielder Kyle Schwarber was ready to change things up, stating, “It’s a second-place song. It’s over.”

“Fans of the Philadelphia Phillies are ecstatic as they anticipate the opportunity for redemption in the playoffs, with October bringing a sea of red.”

However, just like a catchy tune that won’t leave your mind, the song has resurfaced. Perhaps this year it will lead the Phillies to victory once more with a different outcome.

After taking the first step towards the World Series, Phillies’ Bryce Harper captures fans’ hearts with a heartfelt message: “We are a family…”

After the Phillies’ victory in the Wild Card, the singer of “Dancing on My Own” has made a bold promise for the World Series as Red October begins.