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“Fans Go Wild as UFC Heart-Throb Dating Star Supported by Dana White Causes Heartbreak Chaos”

The UFC not only has some of the best fighters in the world but also some of the most good-looking fighters as well. Strawweight fighter Tabatha Ricci is one of those fighters. She has amassed a lot of fans since joining the promotion led by Dana White. However, the fans were left heartbroken after Ricci shared a photo on Twitter (X) and it seemed like she was dating a boxer endorsed by the UFC CEO.

Unfortunately, Tabatha Ricci’s recent success in the UFC has been overshadowed by her romantic life. Despite an impressive 9-1 record, fans are more interested in her appearance than her fighting skills. They were even more disappointed when they found out she is already in a relationship.

Tabatha Ricci is dating Callum Walsh, who’s endorsed by Dana White

Dana White, a promoter with 54 years of experience, has a talent for discovering talented fighters. Recently, he came across Callum Walsh, a 22-year-old boxer from Cork, Ireland. Walsh has had an impressive start to his boxing career and remains undefeated since his debut in 2021.

Under the alias “King”, Callum Walsh has been experiencing great success. He has not lost a match and has accumulated 8 victories. Impressively, 7 of those wins were achieved through knockouts. Walsh is extremely self-assured in his striking skills, even going as far as to issue a friendly challenge to Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. However, his romantic life has become the center of attention on social media in recent times.

Tabatha Ricci recently posted about going on a long drive and tagged Callum Walsh, possibly hinting at their current relationship. The two were also seen looking very affectionate towards each other. However, this did not sit well with fans who expressed their disapproval on Twitter (X). Let’s take a look at their reactions.


Supporters are disheartened by the news of Ricci’s romantic relationships.

Many fans expressed their thoughts on social media upon discovering that Tabatha Ricci and Callum Walsh were in a relationship. However, there were also those who were confident that a fighter like ‘Baby Shark’ would be with another fighter.

Some supporters argued that Callum Walsh shattered the hopes of Ricci’s followers.

In addition, several individuals have reported observing Walsh and Ricci holding hands at Noche UFC.

Recently, their opinion of the Irish boxer has turned sour upon discovering he is in a relationship with someone known as ‘Baby Shark’.

One fan said:

In addition, a fan mentioned that Walsh and Ricci began dating approximately two weeks ago.

Some individuals were not particularly enthusiastic about Tabatha Ricci.

“I am touched by Conor McGregor’s heartfelt message to Dana White, saying “You are in good hands, my friend.” This was before McGregor’s impressive TKO win sponsored by White for Callum Walsh.”

Conor McGregor’s heartfelt message to Dana White, “You are in good hands, my friend,” had a profound impact on me. It was expressed before McGregor’s spectacular TKO victory, which was made possible by White’s sponsorship of Callum Walsh.

While none of the fighters have officially claimed to have been dating each other, the Instagram story tells the whole story. Many fighters prefer dating fellow fighters, even if they’re not from the same combat sports discipline. We will have to wait and see if there are any further developments in this story.

What is your opinion on Tabatha Ricci and Callum Walsh dating? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.


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