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Coach K was responsible for the success of an NBA player after making a drastic decision known as the ‘switch’. Here are some of the most outrageous actions taken by Coach K (Part 2).

Mike Krzyzewski, also known as Coach K, has established himself as one of the most renowned coaches in college basketball history. Throughout his career, the retired coach guided the Duke Blue Devils to five national championships and an impressive 13 appearances in the coveted Final Four. His impact extended beyond the college level, as he also led the American men’s national basketball team to three consecutive Olympic gold medals. Unsurprisingly, Coach K was rightfully inducted into the prestigious Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2001.

Several players mentored by Coach K have achieved global recognition by making it to the NBA. One of the most remarkable decisions made by Coach K was a bold switch that ultimately launched the career of an NBA star.

by changing the team’s starting lineup.

Coach K opts to shake things up by altering the team’s initial lineup.

In a now famous game in Duke basketball history, Coach Mike Krzyzewski employed an unconventional and bold approach to motivate his team. The Wake Forest Demon Deacons, led by Chris Paul, were facing a slump with two consecutive defeats when they faced Duke in the 2003-2004 season. Coach K saw the need to take action.

The magic of Coach K began upon the arrival of the team bus at Duke University’s campus, in the early hours of three in the morning. Without delay, he gathered his players for a two-hour meeting. However, this was just the beginning. The team had no idea that a grueling and demanding drill was in store for them later that day.

Coach K’s strategy for initiating a turnaround was bold. Instead of his usual starting lineup, he opted to play four walk-ons in the game, intensifying the competition for the fifth starter position. The practice session was anything but ordinary, with challenging exercises such as loose ball and rebounding drills, as well as layups, wind sprints, and strenuous burpees. The clear goal was to ignite his team’s energy.

JJ Redick excelled as the standout player in this intense competition. He was chosen for the team alongside four other walk-ons. This shift in his starting team, which featured walk-on players and Redick’s leadership, faced off against Chris Paul and the formidable Wake Forest team.

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What was the outcome of the game?

Was Duke successful in achieving a win against Wake Forest?

Prior to this match, Duke had suffered consecutive defeats against Maryland and Virginia Tech, causing concern among many of their supporters. In a bold move, Coach K decided to start walk-on guard Patrick Davidson in this crucial game against Wake Forest. While this may have been an unconventional choice for such a significant game, it proved to be successful. The game ended up being a high-scoring and fiercely competitive matchup.

Duke delivered a thrilling display, fueled by their unconventional lineup and the passion of Coach K. The team of five, led by JJ Redick, effectively contained Chris Paul’s impact on the game. The result? A surprising 10-point win, breaking Duke’s recent string of losses.

Even now, JJ Redick stands out as one of Coach K’s most impactful players who successfully transitioned to the NBA.

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Legendary Coach K’s Bold Move Helps Propel NBA Superstar’s Career – Unbelievable Actions by Coach K (Continued)