Wednesday, June 12, 2024


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Silvio Berlusconi has returned, but in the form of a hologram.

On Friday, Italian leaders, soccer players, and television stars will come together in the town of Paestum to honor “Berlusconi Day” and commemorate the 87th birthday of the divisive former prime minister.

The late Berlusconi, who passed away in June, will also be represented through a hologram.

A miniature version of the former Italian leader will be displayed at the venue’s entrance, welcoming attendees with a smile as he recites the speech that Berlusconi delivered at the U.S. Congress in 2006.

A team member involved in creating the hologram described how the silhouette will appear transparent, giving the illusion of floating.

Attendees may be let down to learn that despite Berlusconi’s stature of 1.71 meters, the hologram will still be smaller at only 60 centimeters.

The upcoming three-day Forza Italia event will include a special “Berlusconi Day” to honor the late figurehead. This will be the second convention for the center-right party since his passing earlier this year. The party will use this event to discuss their program for the 2024 European election.