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C Providing environmentally friendly luxury: The brand new Mercedes-Benz EQC.

IC Star Automotive Inc. unveiled the highly anticipated Mercedes-Benz EQ series, an all-electric vehicle line, on Sept. 20 at the Mercedes-Benz Greenhills showroom. As the official and only distributor in the Philippines, IC Star Automotive Inc. is proud to introduce this cutting-edge series to the market.

Presenting the brand new Mercedes-Benz EQA 250 Electric Art, EQB 250 Electric Art, EQE 300 Electric Art, and EQE 350+ AMG Line, marking a significant milestone for Mercedes-Benz Philippines. These cars are not just a step forward in design, but a complete transformation. They embody the brand’s ultimate goal of combining luxury and environmental consciousness in the years to come.

The Mercedes-Benz EQ lineup represents the fusion of tradition and advancement, combining a dedication to luxury and performance with a sustainable and exciting outlook towards the future.

The brand new EQA, EQB, and EQE models utilize cutting-edge electric drivetrains to provide thrilling performance without emitting any pollutants. This allows you to fully enjoy the renowned driving experience of Mercedes-Benz while feeling good about your contribution to a more environmentally-friendly future.

Ensuring safety is a top priority in the design approach. The Mercedes-Benz EQ lineup is outfitted with cutting-edge safety technology, such as advanced driver-assistance systems, to provide protection for you and your family while driving.

In addition, the technology incorporated in these vehicles is truly innovative. With a user-friendly entertainment system and effortless connectivity choices, Mercedes-Benz guarantees that your time on the road is not only environmentally friendly and efficient, but also connected and enjoyable.

However, it is not solely focused on the technology aspect. It also encompasses the design, artistry, and meticulousness that have long been emblematic of Mercedes-Benz.

In short, Mercedes-Benz EQ cars are more than just transportation; they represent a commitment to providing luxury, high performance, and environmental responsibility.


with a range of up to 486 kilometers

The Mercedes-Benz EQA is a compact, sporty electric car that can travel up to 486 kilometers on a single charge.

The EQA is the latest addition to the Mercedes-Benz lineup of all-electric cars, serving as an entry-level model. Its sleek exterior and sophisticated interior reflect the Progressive Luxury that defines the Mercedes-Benz brand. Similar to the GLA, this electric vehicle offers an exhilarating driving experience, with the added benefit of an energy-efficient powertrain.

The exterior design of the EQA includes several unique features, such as the iconic black panel radiator grille with the Mercedes-Benz star in the center, as well as a continuous light strip on the front and rear. The sporty aesthetic is enhanced by the newly designed 19-inch 5-spoke light-alloy wheels in Electric Art Design and the LED High Performance headlamps with an EQ-specific energy blue element and high beam assist. This system automatically switches the headlights to low beam when a vehicle is detected ahead.

The updated EQA is ideal for those with a busy lifestyle or a young pair who enjoy exploring and taking road trips on the weekends. “Loading” has never been simpler thanks to the new and improved KEYLESS-GO system. The Hands-Free Access feature uses a sensor in the back bumper to sense your presence when you have a smart key, enabling you to open and close the trunk without physically touching the car or using your smart key remote. Additionally, it provides a spacious 340 liters of storage space.

The car’s interior boasts luxurious amenities typically found in Mercedes vehicles, all neatly packaged in a compact design that makes it ideal for city or suburban living. Customize your driving experience with ambient lighting and spiral-look trim pieces, available in 64 different colors. The all-digital dashboard includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, providing easy access to essential smartphone apps. Plus, charging your phone is a breeze with wireless charging in the oddments tray.

The Mercedes-Benz EQA stands out from its competitors with its top-notch infotainment systems. The MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) system, which is user-friendly, comes standard with the vehicle. MBUX provides greater customization, simpler navigation, and superior interior display quality. With the 10.25-inch fully digital instrument display, you are in charge. The EQA also features a one-of-a-kind rosé gold accent in the air vents, which illuminates at night.

The updated EQA offers a comfortable driving experience with features such as Comfort Seats, a rear armrest, and THREMOTRONIC automatic climate control. The seats are upholstered with two-tone ARTICO leather. The SUV’s high and upright seating position not only makes it easy to enter and exit, but also provides excellent visibility. During the development process, utility value was a top priority. The rear of the vehicle offers ample space, with a 40:20:40 split-folding rear seat backrest.

The latest EQA 250 includes advanced safety systems. It comes equipped with standard safety measures like Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Brake Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, and a reversing camera. Mercedes also provides a Driving Assistance Package with various warning features that notify the driver of potential hazards, such as a pedestrian or cyclist approaching before opening their door.

Shifting focus to the crucial aspects of operating the EQA, it is equipped with cutting-edge electric drivetrain technology and can travel up to 496km (WLTP) on a single charge. However, the actual range may vary depending on factors such as weather conditions, number of passengers, driving habits, and power usage from other systems (e.g. air conditioning). The Mercedes EQA 250 model utilizes a Type 2 connection and can charge at a speed of 11kW with a three-phase cable. It is powered by a 66.5 kWh battery and can deliver 385 units of torque.

The interior of the fully electric EQA 250 offers a high level of quality and refined features, making it an ideal car for practical use. The Mercedes-Benz EQA is known for its quiet operation, zero emissions of C02, and impressive performance thanks to its powerful electric motor and high-voltage lithium-ion battery.

The introductory retail price for the EQA 250 Electric Art is Php 3,990,000.

“The Mercedes-Benz EQB is a versatile and roomy electric vehicle.”

After the EQA, the EQB is the second compact SUV from Mercedes-Benz that runs on electricity. It may be small in size, but it offers ample space, stylish design, and clever features. The latest model, EQB 250, exemplifies cutting-edge dimensions that blend innovation and practicality. It is a versatile SUV that can accommodate up to seven people and serves as a high-tech electric vehicle suitable for daily use.

The EQB showcases Mercedes-Benz’s modern and distinct interpretation of luxury. Its design includes a black panel grille with a central star and a full-width LED light strip at the front and rear. The rear lighting is also red and extends across the wide power liftgate. A horizontal strip made of fibre-optics connects the full-LED daytime running lights, making the vehicle easily identifiable during both day and night. The interior of the headlamps is meticulously crafted with great attention to detail and precision. Hints of blue add to the elegant and refined look of Mercedes-Benz.

The exterior of the vehicle features noticeable aluminum roof rails and protective cladding elements that contribute to its overall proportion. The side view is dominated by a muscular and sensuous vehicle shoulder, accentuated by the rising beltline. The outwardly placed wheels give the EQB a strong and confident presence on the road.

The EQB comes with 19-inch light-alloy wheels in a 5-spoke design, featuring Electric Art Design. It also includes electrically folding side mirrors with Surround Lighting and a projected logo of the brand.

The latest EQB provides ample room and versatility that can cater to various needs. This sets it apart not only in the small car category, but particularly among electric vehicles. The third row has two seats suitable for individuals up to 1.65 metres tall, and it is also possible to install child seats there. ISOFIX mounts for child seats are available in the back rows, accommodating up to four child seats.

The overall cabin quality of the EQB is on par with what you would expect from a Mercedes. The large digital displays are visually impressive and the main surfaces of the dashboard and center console have a luxurious look and feel. The sleek and aerodynamic exterior design translates into a modern and space-efficient interior in the EQB. You can also customize your own ambiance with the 64-color ambient lighting. The interior of the EQB is enhanced by rose gold accents and backlit trim, creating a modern and high-tech atmosphere. Thoughtfully designed details, such as tubular elements in an aluminum finish, further contribute to the solid, sturdy, and high-quality impression of the overall vehicle.

Intelligent technology and thoughtful luxury are delivered with swift response and silenced refinement. The Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) is your onboard virtual voice assistant. Just say “Hey, Mercedes” to control countless features by talking naturally. MBUX deliver genuine convenience that gets to know you better as you use it. The fully digital cockpit responds to you with tactile and visual clarity. Steering wheel, console and central screen all offer intuitive touch controls. Reconfigurable digital instruments include EQ-specific displays and designs.

The passive safety features of the EQB are in line with those of a traditional Mercedes-Benz car. The body structure has been reinforced for electric vehicles, while also incorporating intelligent driving assistance systems. These include Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Steering Assist, and Active Brake Assist, which can help prevent collisions and reduce their impact through autonomous braking. The car also comes with a standard Parking Package and 360° camera for added convenience and ease of use.

The EQB front-wheel drive setup is a perfect complement to its agile maneuvering and space-saving design. With a maximum range of 474km (WLTP), the EQB 250 boasts a powerful 140kW/385Nm electric motor on the front axle, connected to a 66.5kWh lithium-ion battery. Overall, the EQB is a spirited, spacious, and capable compact SUV that will surely delight any driver. It delivers an unmatched blend of fuel efficiency, comfort, and versatility.

The introductory retail price for the EQB 250 Electric Art is Php 4,190,000.

The electric vehicles of Mercedes-Benz, the EQE 300 Electric Art and 350+ AMG Line, offer a luxurious and executive driving experience.

Hop on and explore a destination where luxury and electricity intersect, creating a sensory experience like no other. The EQE boasts top-notch materials and revolutionary advancements. It serves as an electric option for the E-Class sedan. Currently, the local market offers two models: the EQE 300 Electric Art and EQE 350+ AMG Line.

Carefully crafted to radiate an air of superiority, the EQE sedan by Mercedes-Benz embodies a progressive fusion of ingenuity and refinement. This sleek sedan boasts cutting-edge electric vehicle capabilities, advanced in-cabin features, and a streamlined one-piece design that exudes elegance and enhances aerodynamics.

The EQE Sedan’s captivating exterior design boasts a sleek and aerodynamic style with a gently sloping roofline and stylish 20-inch 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels in Electric Art design for the EQE 300 model. The EQE 350+ model features 20-inch AMG 5-twin-spoke light-alloy wheels. At the front, the iconic Black panel radiator grille is adorned with the Mercedes star and Mercedes-Benz pattern, complemented by black-grained side skirts and silver chrome door trim strips. Standard features include electrically folding exterior mirrors with a projected Mercedes-Benz logo.

Safely operate your vehicle within your comfort level. The EQE is equipped with advanced safety technology that provides peace of mind while driving. The Digital Light with ULTRA RANGE high beam not only lights up the road ahead, but also displays helpful messages and navigation guidance regarding road conditions and traffic warnings.

The EQE includes the Mercedes-Benz Driving Assistance Package, which features various advanced safety technologies such as Active Steering Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, and ATTENTION ASSIST. The car also comes with the PRESAFE® system that can detect potential collisions and take action to prevent them. Additionally, the Parking Package includes a 360° camera for easy and accurate parking, and the GUARD 360 system ensures the vehicle’s security when left unattended.

When you take the wheel of the Mercedes-Benz EQE sedan, you will discover that the future of driving is already here. Sit back and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience with the standard combination of a 12.8-inch OLED central display screen, a 12.3-inch driver display, and a 15-speaker Burmester 3D surround sound system. You can also count on wireless connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as wireless smartphone charging. One notable feature is the Head-up display, which projects digital information onto your windshield, including speed, GPS directions, cruise control settings, current traffic conditions in your area, and more. The Active Ambient Lighting is integrated into the driving assistance systems and provides visual alerts. It also allows for corresponding feedback for comfort systems such as the climate control or ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice assistant.

The impressive range of the EQE 300 Electric Art and EQE 350+ AMG Line may seem surprising for their serious power. The EQE 300 is equipped with an 89 kWh battery pack that can reach a maximum range of 621km (WLTP). Meanwhile, the EQE 350+ AMG boasts a 90.56 kWh battery pack that can achieve a maximum range of 682km (WLTP).

The introductory retail price for the EQE 300 Electric Art is Php 5,590,000.
EQE 350+ AMG Line Introductory Retail Price: Php 6,290,000

The introduction of the Mercedes-Benz EQA, EQB, and EQE marks the beginning of a new era in Sustainable Mobility. These vehicles offer more than just a means of getting around; they provide an immersive experience, make a statement, and uphold a commitment. A commitment to an exceptional driving experience, safety, sustainability, and a future where mobility and sustainability coexist seamlessly.

Come and discover the latest Sustainable Luxury experience with Mercedes-Benz EQ. The lineup includes the new EQA 250 Electric Art, EQB 250 Electric Art, EQE 300 Electric Art, and EQE 350+ AMG Line, all of which can be viewed at any Mercedes-Benz Showroom. Additionally, test drives will be available from Sept 21-24, 2023 at Mercedes-Benz Alabang, Mercedes-Benz Bonifacio Global City, and Mercedes-Benz Greenhills. For those in Cebu, test drives for the Mercedes-Benz EQ will be offered from Sept 28-Oct 1, 2023 at Mercedes-Benz Cebu.

Discover additional information about the Mercedes-Benz EQ on this page.


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