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Two elves and a scroll: China military releases animation on Taiwan ‘reunification’

The Chinese armed forces shared a video on National Day featuring a scroll painting that was torn into two pieces more than 300 years ago, symbolizing the mainland’s efforts to unite with Taiwan.

The separate sections of The Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, a well-known ancient painting from China, are currently housed in museums located in both China and Taiwan. The island of Taiwan is democratically governed and claimed by Beijing as one of its provinces, with the intention to potentially take control by force.

The Eastern Theatre Command of the People’s Liberation Army, which is known for sharing aggressive exercise videos near Taiwan, released an animated short film titled “Dreams Come True on Fuchun River” on National Day (Sunday). The film aims to connect people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait through their shared cultural heritage.

th century.

The movie showcased a pair of elves, symbolizing the split painting created by renowned Yuan dynasty artist, Huang Gongwang, that was separated during the 17th

During the 19th century, one of the owners of the property made significant changes to it.

In the final scene, the two characters reunited, miraculously restoring the painting to its complete state.

The Zhejiang Provincial Museum in Hangzhou city houses a scroll fragment called The Remaining Mountain, measuring approximately 51 cm in length. The Master Wuyong Scroll, measuring 640 cm in length, has been in the possession of Taiwan’s National Palace Museum since the 1950s.

In 2011, the two parts were brought together when China loaned its fragment to a museum in Taiwan for two months. This occurred during a time of improved relations between the two countries, as Taiwan worked towards economic reconciliation with China.

In more recent times, as tensions have decreased, China has increased its military presence near Taiwan. This includes training exercises in the past month that Beijing claims were aimed at countering separatist groups.

China is currently developing extensive proposals to combine the economies of Fujian province and Taiwan, located on opposite sides of the Taiwan Strait. This plan would allow Taiwanese companies to participate in a cooperative development project, despite Taiwan’s government rejecting the offer.

Despite China’s efforts to entice Taiwan with economic benefits, the possibility of using force to acquire Taiwan remains constant.

While accompanying the two elves in the movie, the Eastern Theatre Command strategically included footage of aircraft carriers and J-20 fighter jets, effectively highlighting their military prowess to viewers. – Reuters