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The United States supports the installation of an undersea internet cable in the Pacific, in the midst of competition with China.

 –  plan to

The US is supporting a fresh proposal to… undersea internet cable connecting several Pacific  China

Based on a project proposal viewed by Reuters, the addition of islands will strengthen the United States’ presence in a region where it is competing with China for power. China.

The Central Pacific Cable 

The proposed project would link the US territories of American Samoa and Guam, and potentially expand to include 12 additional territories. Pacific  official islands

Based on an official document, the designated islands are as follows. cable 

Guam is the location of a significant United States military base.

Details of the cable were displayed at an indus engineers

Attempt to attend a conference in Singapore led by experienced subsea engineers, Paul McCann and John Hibbard. cable 
APTelecom, a telecommunications consulting firm located in the United States, is currently conducting a feasibility analysis. Representatives from APTelecom, Hibbard and McCann have chosen not to provide any statements at this time.

The new cable 

The plan indicated the possibility of linking the United States territories to Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tuvalu, Fiji, Nauru, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Cook Islands, Wallis and Futuna, and the Federated States of Micronesia.

project is likely to receive additional funding from multilateral donors like the World Bank and U.S. aid agencies in the future. us

The plan stated that it included Australia and New Zealand.

Undersea internet cable solution

The development and installation of s usually requires a minimum of 3-5 years. The suggested solution. cable would stretch thousands of kilometers.

President Joe Biden and his counterpart Xi Jinping

A document was published by the White House on Monday following a discussion between President Joe Biden and his counterpart Xi Jinping. Pacific  development of a 30-megawatt solar project

The US Trade and Development Agency, along with island leaders and President Joe Biden in Washington, have announced their approval to fund a $3 million feasibility study for a 30-megawatt solar project. cable

The countries involved were not mentioned in the statement.

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I have never experienced this before. undersea cable connecting Tuvalu, a tiny nation of about 11,000 people, the US

TDA mentioned in a Facebook post on their page.

Undersea fibre-optic cables, which criss-cross the ocean floor and transmit 99% of transcontinental internet  competition

The competition for traffic has become a crucial battleground. competition  Mexico

between the United States and Mexico  China

According to a Reuters probe conducted in March,

The Pacific 

The islands create a large curve to the north of a friendly nation, the

Australia is of great strategic importance for the United States’ naval operations, as it is also rich in valuable minerals and fisheries.

Island nations in the Pacific have vulnerable internet infrastructure. Tonga was cut off from global telecommunication networks for a month last year after a volcanic eruption and tsunami severed its only undersea cable.

the economy recover by providing financial assistance to individuals and small businesses.

The Biden administration promised to aid the economy in its recovery by offering monetary support to individuals and small businesses. Pacific islanders fend off China

Beijing’s actions to use economic pressure have been met with concern, especially after signing a security agreement with the Solomon Islands in the previous year. This has raised worries about potential militarization in the region.


Two years ago, the government of Washington took action to prevent a Chinese corporation from constructing an additional underwater cable. internet cable in the Pacific 

At the time, Reuters reported on the islands.


The country known as The United States is often referred to as The Cable

Australia and Japan reached an agreement this year to fund and revive the East Micronesia Cable project. Cable

“The project will link the countries of Nauru, Kiribati, and Micronesia in the Pacific Islands.” – Reuters