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Taiwan is anticipating the deployment of two additional submarines by the year 2027, according to a statement from their security advisor.

 – Taiwan hopes to deploy at least two new, domestically developed submarines by 2027

The leader of the program stated that they may add missiles to future models to increase deterrence against the Chinese navy and safeguard important supply routes.


The indigenous submarine program is a crucial component of China’s efforts to update its military forces, as Beijing conducts frequent military drills to demonstrate its control over the region it claims as its own.

President Tsai Ing-wen, who initiated the program when she took office in 2016, is expected to launch the first of eight new submarines on Thursday under a plan

This project has utilized knowledge and advancements from multiple nations, representing a significant achievement for a country that has been isolated diplomatically. Taiwan.

Admiral Huang Shu-kuang, Tsai’s security adviser by 10

The person in charge of the program stated that there is a fleet of 10 by 10. submarines – which includes two Dutch-made submarines 

Having been commissioned during the 1980s, this will pose a challenge for the Chinese navy in projecting their power into the Pacific.

During a recent internal briefing attended by Reuters, Mr. Huang stated that by enhancing our military strength, he believes we can avoid defeat in a war.

According to Mr. Huang, the initial submarine will cost T$49.36 billion ($1.54 billion) and will be equipped with a combat system from Lockheed Martin Corp. It will also be armed with US-made MK-48 heavyweight torpedoes. The submarine is scheduled to undergo sea trials in the following month and will be delivered to the navy by the end of 2024.

For subsequent models, Taiwan 

“I will make room for” submarine-launched anti-ship missiles, 

According to Huang, the addition of these weapons is contingent upon their availability for production in the United States, where production capacity is currently limited. He did not disclose the names of any companies that may be involved.

He called the submarines  Taiwan

A measure to prevent Chinese warships from crossing the Miyako Strait near southwestern Japan or the Bashi Channel that separates Taiwan, known as a “strategic deterrent.”  Taiwan from the Philippines.

Mr. Huang said Taiwan‘s diesel-electric submarines  the Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan and the Philippines

China can be contained within the first island chain, which covers the region from Japan down to the Philippines through the Ryukyu Islands and Taiwan. Taiwan

The Philippines extends to Borneo, encompassing the coastal waters of China.

“This was also the strategic concept of the US military – to contain them within the first island chain and deny their access,” Mr. Huang said. “If Taiwan 

If the action is completed, Japan and South Korea will surely not be secure.

The Chinese defense ministry did not reply to a comment request.

the coast of Taiwan.

Recently, there has been a noticeable increase in Chinese naval activity, particularly from the Shandong aircraft carrier, in the waters near Taiwan. Taiwan coast of China, causing concerns about the possibility of an attack from that direction. Taiwan  defenses

This is the location where strategists have been planning for the island’s military defenses for a long time.

Reorganizing and maintaining its strength while engaged in a battle.

 submarines can help maintain the island’s “lifeline” to the Pacific by keeping ports along Taiwan

The eastern coast is accessible for providing resources during a conflict.

“The submarines 

He stated that they would refrain from bringing their ships to our eastern coasts.

RAND, said

According to military researcher Chieh Chung from RAND, stated Taiwan
The National Policy Foundation think tank stated that the fleet would face difficulties in carrying out this task, as China could strategically position warships in the Pacific region prior to launching an attack.

only way to get it working with other modules is to

However, he noted that the only method to make it compatible with other modules is to submarines could occupy strategic ambush points in the region and “greatly harm (China’s) combat ability” by targeting high-value ships such as carrier groups or landing fleets.



Taiwan  its first electric car

The company has discretely acquired technology, materials, and skilled individuals from at least seven different countries in order to aid in the production of its inaugural electric vehicle. submarines

According to a recent inquiry by Reuters, it has been discovered that…

Obtaining aid from other countries posed a significant difficulty for. Taiwan, which doesn’t have official ties with most countries.

Mr. Huang declined to say which countries had approved export permits, but said he had reached out to generals from countries that included the United States, Japan, South Korea and India.

He expressed gratitude to the foreign generals who supported his ideas and assisted in communicating them to their governments or organizing meetings. He explained that by conveying our needs to them, we were able to successfully obtain export permits.

Mr. Huang also expressed thanks for the “great help” from a team led by an unnamed retired rear admiral of Britain’s Royal Navy, who secured export permits from Britain through a Gibraltar-based company.


Last year, Britain significantly raised the number of approved exports of submarine parts and technology to Saudi Arabia.

According to a Reuters examination of the information, the data indicated.

different suppliers.

According to Mr. Huang, the program was extremely difficult, likening it to trying to reach the sky. He mentioned that one of the main challenges was a shortage of chips worldwide, which affected numerous manufacturers. He also mentioned that his team worked quickly to obtain chips from various suppliers. Taiwan 
to prevent delays caused by vendors from other countries.

another supplier fell through

The work with another supplier fell through at the last minute, causing a foreign supplier to also pull out. Taiwan 

The information was disclosed to a Chinese embassy, according to his statement, without providing further details.

the U.S.

He stated that China has been repeatedly engaging in military provocations, such as making close approaches to the United States. Taiwan‘s territorial waters and airspace, has prompted Taiwan 

The United States is considering changing its approach to the island’s “asymmetrical” strategy by increasing the mobility and defense of its forces, placing more emphasis on smaller weapon systems.

(the harassment) 
Huang stated that without larger vessels, the situation would remain unchanged. new missile launcher

Referencing the navy’s intention to construct a fresh missile deployment mechanism. new 

production of larger warships.

“They are gradually approaching,” he stated, in regards to China.Taiwan 

The use of small boats is insufficient for driving them out, larger boats are necessary. – Reuters