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South Korea is contemplating imposing a penalty of $50.5 million on Google and Apple for their actions in the app market.

 – Google and Apple position

have taken advantage of their superior position app market 

location and alerted about potential fine

The sum of the amounts is $50.5 million.

users to choose between agreeing to their updated terms of service and losing access to their services

The KCC stated that the two major technology companies gave users the ultimatum of either accepting their revised terms of service or losing the ability to use their services. app 

The developers implemented particular payment options, resulting in unjustified delays. app review.

appropriate measures to be taken

The KCC is informing the companies about necessary steps to be taken and will discuss the appropriate actions to be implemented. fine

The statement read, “s.”

“Since beginning the investigation in August 2022, we have closely collaborated with KCC to clarify our compliance with the new law while maintaining a safe and high-quality experience through our alternative billing. KCC has now provided a ‘pre-notice’ which we will thoroughly review and respond to. Once we receive the final written decision, we will carefully assess our next steps.” Google 

Stated in a declaration to Reuters.


Reuters’ requests for comment went unanswered.

the use of misleading spam messages

In 2021, South Korea made changes to the Telecommunication Business Act that prohibit the use of deceptive spam messages. app 

Prevent operators from mandating that software developers utilize their payment systems.

the government’s move to increase the minimum wage will result in a “significant” rise in labor costs

According to the KCC, the decision by the government to raise the minimum wage will lead to a noteworthy increase in expenses related to labor.  Google and Apple

The implementation of specific payment methods by enforcement. Apple airlines”

The charging of fees to domestic airlines is deemed discriminatory. app 

Rewording not applicable – “developers” is a self-contained term.

a fine

Upon receiving input from the companies, the regulator may opt to levy a penalty. fines of up to 68 billion won ($50.47 million), including 47.5 billion won for Google and 20.5 billion won for Apple, KCC said. – Reuters