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on Israel was deceived by Hamas as they plotted a destructive attack on them.

A strategic plan of deceit resulted in Israel being caught by surprise when Hamas, a Palestinian Islamist organization, initiated a destructive assault. This allowed a team armed with bulldozers, hang gliders, and motorbikes to confront the strongest army in the Middle East.

The attack on Saturday was the most severe violation of Israel’s defense since the Arab armies fought in 1973. This came after two years of deceit by Hamas, during which they kept their military plans secret and persuaded Israel that they did not intend to engage in conflict.

According to a source close to Hamas, while Israel believed they were controlling a tired Hamas by offering financial incentives to workers in Gaza, the organization’s militants were actually receiving training and practicing openly.

Reuters was able to piece together a detailed account of the attack and its buildup with the help of this source. Additionally, three sources from Israel’s security establishment, who wished to remain anonymous, also provided valuable information for this account.

According to a source close to Hamas, the group gave Israel the impression that they were not prepared for a conflict. The source described their plans for a major attack, the most significant since the Yom Kippur War 50 years ago. During that war, Egypt and Syria unexpectedly attacked Israel, forcing them to fight for their survival.

According to the source, Hamas employed a unique strategy of deception to deceive Israel in recent months. They gave the public the impression that they did not want to engage in a conflict with Israel while secretly preparing for a large-scale operation.

Israel admits that it was taken by surprise when an attack occurred during the Jewish Sabbath and a religious holiday. Hamas militants entered Israeli towns, resulting in the deaths of 700 Israelis and the abduction of numerous others. In response, Israel has retaliated by killing over 400 Palestinians in Gaza.

“The events of September 11th are equivalent to our own tragedy,” stated Major Nir Dinar, representative for the Israeli Defense Forces. “We have been attacked.”

“We were taken aback by their sudden and swift arrival from various locations – including the sky, land, and sea.”

According to Reuters, Osama Hamdan, the Hamas envoy in Lebanon, stated that the attack demonstrated the determination of Palestinians to achieve their objectives, regardless of Israel’s military strength and capabilities.


According to a source with ties to Hamas, the group created a fabricated Israeli settlement in Gaza as part of their preparations. They used it to simulate a military landing and train for an attack, and also filmed their maneuvers.

The source stated that Israel had undoubtedly noticed them, but they believed that Hamas was not interested in engaging in a conflict.

In the meantime, Hamas attempted to persuade Israel that it prioritized providing employment opportunities for the over two million residents of the Gaza Strip, rather than instigating another conflict.

According to the source, Hamas was able to create the perception that it was not prepared for a military confrontation with Israel.

After engaging in a war with Hamas in 2021, Israel has made efforts to establish some degree of economic stability in Gaza. This includes offering incentives such as granting permits for thousands of Gazans to work in Israel or the West Bank, where they can earn salaries in industries like construction, agriculture, or service that are ten times higher than those in Gaza.

Another spokesperson for the Israeli army stated that they had thought that the presence of workers and the influx of money into Gaza would bring about a sense of peace. However, their assumption proved to be incorrect.

A source within Israeli security has admitted to being deceived by Hamas. The source stated, “They made us believe they were after money, but in reality they were undertaking exercises that eventually turned into chaos.”

In the last two years, Hamas has used deception by not carrying out any attacks on Israel, while another Gaza-based militant group called Islamic Jihad has launched multiple assaults and fired rockets.


According to the source, Hamas received backlash from some of its supporters for their display of restraint, which was seen as an attempt to portray their focus on economic issues rather than initiating a new war.

In the Palestinian-controlled region of the West Bank, under the leadership of President Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah faction, there were individuals who ridiculed Hamas for their silence. A statement released by Fatah in June 2022 accused Hamas leaders of escaping to Arab capitals and residing in lavish accommodations while their people in Gaza continued to suffer from poverty.

Another source from Israel’s security claimed that there was a time when they believed that the leader of the movement in Gaza, Yahya Al-Sinwar, was more focused on managing Gaza rather than targeting Jews. During this period, Israel shifted its attention away from Hamas as it pursued a deal to normalize relations with Saudi Arabia.

Israel has always been proud of its capability to penetrate and surveil Islamist organizations. Therefore, according to the source familiar with Hamas, it was imperative for the plan to avoid any information leaks.

The source stated that during training, the 1,000 fighters involved in the attack were not aware of the true intention of the exercises. Additionally, several Hamas leaders were also unaware of the plans.

According to a source from Hamas, when the day arrived, the operation was split into four sections and the different components were explained.

According to the source, the initial action involved 3,000 rockets being launched from Gaza while fighters flew hang gliders over the border. Previous reports from Israel stated that 2,500 rockets were fired initially.

After the hang-glider fighters landed, they established a defense on the ground. This allowed an elite commando unit to attack the fortified electronic and cement wall separating Gaza from the settlements, which was constructed by Israel to stop infiltration.

The combatants utilized bombs to break through the obstacles and swiftly rode across on motorcycles. Heavy machinery was used to expand the openings and additional fighters arrived in four-wheel drive vehicles, as reported by eyewitnesses.


According to the source, a group of commandos launched an attack on the Israeli army’s main base in southern Gaza and disrupted their communication systems. This made it impossible for personnel to contact their superiors or communicate with each other.

According to a Hamas insider, the last step was transporting hostages to Gaza, which was largely accomplished at the beginning of the assault.

During a widely publicized incident, militants kidnapped individuals who were attending a party and trying to escape a nearby rave near the Re’im kibbutz by Gaza. Videos shared on social media depicted a large group of people running through fields and on a road while gunshots could be heard.

The Israeli security source asked, “How was it possible for this party to occur so close to Gaza?”

According to a security source in Israel, the number of Israeli troops in the southern region near Gaza was reduced due to redeployment to the West Bank. This was done in order to safeguard Israeli settlers in light of increased conflict with Palestinian militants.

“The source stated that Hamas took advantage of that.”

Former national security advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, retired General Yaakov Amidror, stated to journalists on Sunday that the attack was a major disappointment for the intelligence system and the military in the southern region.

According to Mr. Amidror, who was the chairman of the National Security Council from April 2011 to November 2013 and is now a senior fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security, certain allies of Israel have claimed that Hamas has taken on a greater level of responsibility.

“He confessed that we foolishly started to trust its validity,” he stated. “Therefore, we erred and will not repeat this mistake. Our goal is to gradually and surely eliminate Hamas.” – Reuters